New [India], January 11 (ANI): As recorded the third worst cold wave in 23 years, the hospitals witnessed more patients with respiratory and heart problems in emergencies and OPDs and the health experts said the risk of these diseases increasing because of the cold and air pollution.

Speaking to ANI, Dr SP Byotra, HOD medicine and vice president of Sir Gangaram hospital, "The risk of respiratory diseases increases in winter, because there is fog in winter as well as pollution, which causes many diseases in which diseases like cold, cough, diarrhoea, fever and pneumonia increase. Along with this, other infections also start happening. The number of patients with these diseases has also increased in Gangaram hospital."

Dr Byotra said that these days 70 to 80 per cent of the cases belong to those patients who already have respiratory diseases like asthma.

"During winters there are chances of getting such diseases severe because of inhaling a chilly air which is full of smoke," he said.

The health expert has suggested some healthy tips to keep yourself warm and away from infections.

He said pregnant ladies should inhale a lot of toxic then there are chances of premature birth or birth defects can be there and there could be heart attacks and strokes as well.

Dr Byotra further suggested that, "Pregnant ladies should go out when there are sunny days, people should wear thick masks. Similarly, we have to give some protection to the eyes also. People must take plenty of liquids, warm liquids are beneficial like water with some honey and lemon and nutritious food. Do breathing exercises like pranayama yoga, they are very helpful."

According to Dr Arun Mohanty, Senior cardiologist of Sir Gangaram hospital, people suffering from heart disease need to take care of their diet in winter because they are at risk of a heart attack.

"But with this, people who are not suffering from heart disease do not need to panic. Rather, some things need to be kept in mind, keep your food and drink better in winter and exercise daily, then they will not be at risk of a heart attack. Also, avoid going out in the cold and do not do jogging and exercise outside in the cold," he said.

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