Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) consists of a type lung condition What reduces airflow meanwhile, causes breathing problems. Between symptoms, labored breathing, slime production, cough And wheezing (hissing and squealing when breathing).

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“He exacerbation of COPD This event is characterized by the deterioration of three clinical characteristics. One, cough that gets worse in frequency and severity. Secondly, shortness of breath, which feeling short of breath. three, production of phlegm or mucus which increases in volume and its characteristics”, began mansilla dart, medical therapist (MN 143.867), in the air of Family doctor.

Accordingly, the health professional explained that this disease is often “associated with local and systemic inflammation caused by various noxes. The most frequent are lung infections (viruses and bacteria) around smoke or certain pollutants, climate change, do too much physical activity, stress or anxietyAnd poor adherence to COPD treatment“.

COPD – warning signs

  • If you need to lean forward to inhale.
  • You use the muscles around your ribs to breathe.
  • Lots of headaches.
  • To have a fever.
  • Expectoration of dark mucus.
  • Presence of pain or discomfort in the chest.
  • The lips, fingertips, or skin around the nails are purple.
  • Inability to speak using complete sentences.

“If any of these symptoms appear, contact your family doctor or the nearest medical center.”detailed and recommended by Mansilla.

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