September 2 (Buen Vivir digital magazine).- On March 11, 2020, the first two cases of Covid-19 occurred in Bolivia, and although vaccines have helped prevent deaths and lower infection rates, many patients have left the effects, one of the most common. This is a chronic case. fatigue syndrome.

Clinician Maylin Vega Fernandez explains that chronic fatigue syndrome CFS is one of the most common consequences in almost 90% of people who have had Covid-19, and obstructive lung disease is also observed. In addition, he points out that neurological and immune disorders can become permanent if not treated promptly.

On the other hand, some post-infected patients may experience respiratory effects ranging from 10% to 70%, among them: dyspnea, which manifests itself as choking or difficulty breathing, deterioration in lung function, pulmonary interstitial changes, including pulmonary fibrosis; drop in the level of oxygen in the blood; cough, acute respiratory syndromes and pulmonary fibrosis, heart disease, tachycardia, arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension and pulmonary hypertension.

Other important consequences are acute renal failure, autoimmune and endocrinological diseases, neurological disorders, stroke and psychological problems.

Who is more affected? Vega points out that there is no established pattern, since many people who get mildly ill, but more than two times, have one or more sequelae.

The professional confirmed that the elderly or people with comorbidities, as well as those patients who had a more complex picture of Covid-19, were most affected by post-COVID consequences. Similarly, it indicates that all people who recover from covid within the first three days and up to 18 months after recovery from the disease may show symptoms of the consequences.

In this sense, he recommends seeing a doctor for appropriate treatment before the symptoms become chronic, that is, they must be treated before they last more than three months; the earlier the symptom is detected and treatment is started, the less chronicity of the school.


Vega explains that it is important to know the extent of lung damage caused by the disease and, in turn, receive respiratory physiotherapy and improve nutrition. Likewise, infection with any type of respiratory disease should be avoided; If this happens, you should immediately contact your doctor to get medical attention and avoid further complications.

“If there is an acute respiratory illness, as well as post-COVID effects, a good alternative treatment, in addition to that prescribed by your doctor, is Corplus, a probiotic that helps cell regeneration and improves lung defenses.” – says the specialist.

Other recommendations are to avoid toxic habits such as alcohol and tobacco use, whether you are an active or passive smoker, to use the mask correctly in high-risk areas due to crowding or lack of ventilation, and to wash your hands. .

“Compliance with all biosecurity measures is the key to preventing re-infection or serious complications,” emphasizes Vega.


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