New Delhi (India), April 6: If you are suffering from COPD, Asthma, or other respiratory disorder and are prescribed long-term supplemental oxygen therapy, then it is a good idea to invest in portable oxygen concentrators as they are lightweight, handy, and would help you go out freely.

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We have picked the best portable oxygen concentrators by reviewing the product weight, battery backup, flow rate, price, and other details.

1.     Oxymed P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxymed P2 is a revolutionary Indian portable oxygen concentrator that beats even the premium American machines in terms of specifications while remaining the most affordable option in the market.

It is notable that Oxymed, one of the biggest oxygen concentrator names in India, has managed to bring an FDA and FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrator at the price point of less than INR 1 Lakh 48 Thousand. Having FAA Approval means that the machine is safe to be carried on flights.

Weighing 1.98 kg, Oxymed P2 is the light and smallest portable oxygen machine on the market. It provides oxygen at 5 pulse settings which are equivalent to 3 LPM of continuous. The machine provides a battery backup of up to 10 hours with a double battery.

There is 3 years warranty available on the machine, 1 year on sieve beds, and a 1-year warranty on the battery. The machine also comes with a free backpack which makes it even more convenient to carry the device. 

The USP of oxymed is that the brand provides doorstep service in almost all Indian cities.

Authorized websites to buy Oxymed portable oxygen concentrators in India are:




·   Amazon or Flipkart

2.     Inogen One G5 

Inogen is one of the most reliable American names when it comes to the portable oxygen concentrator market. Falling on the expensive side, the machine costs around INR 2,45,000. 

The machine has a battery backup of 13 hours which is the highest in the market, and provides pulse flow of up to 6 pulse settings, which is equivalent to 3.8 LPM of continuous flow.

Inogen One G5 comes with user-replaceable sieve beds and is FDA and FAA-approved.

Authorized websites to buy Inogen portable oxygen concentrators in India are:



·   Sanrai

·   Amazon or Flipkart

3.     Philips Respironics Simply Go, Mini,

Philips Respironics Simply Go mini is yet another trustable portable oxygen concentrator. The service weighs 2.7 kgs and provides oxygen at a flow of 1-5 pulse settings, equivalent to 3 LPM of continuous.

The price of the machine is 2.20 Lakhs which again falls on a bit expensive side. The machine comes with a torch screen display for easy navigation. The battery backup of Philips Simply Go Mini with double battery is 12 hours.

However, despite being one of the best portable oxygen machines in the Indian market, the extended battery of the device costs around INR 90,000, which makes it difficult for a person to carry 2-3 spare batteries and fully rely on the machine. Apart from that, there is no doorstep available with the brand.

Authorized websites to buy Philips SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrators in India are:



·   Medikabazaar

·   Amazon or Flipkart

Guide to buying the best oxygen concentrator

To buy your portable oxygen concentrator, you need to consider a few factors-

·     Weight

As you need a portable one, you can look for a lightweight device with a weight ranging from 2 to 6 Kg. Often, you need to carry a medical device during your travel. That is why you can invest in compact and easy-to-carry oxygen concentrators.

·     Flow type

Continuous and Pulse flow types are common in oxygen concentrators. The Pulse flow helps with the delivery of air as short puffs. So it minimizes the waste of oxygen. On the other hand, Continuous flow ensures oxygen delivery consistently even when the patient does not inhale.

You can buy a pulse flow oxygen concentrator if you do not have the habit of breathing through the mouth.

·     Battery Life

A device with a longer battery backup would give psychological relief to the patent, and they can be out for a longer time. Using an extended battery will give you additional battery backup. You should also check the backup duration and battery type.

·     Oxygen Output

The oxygen flow rate should be at least 5 pulse settings for patients that need oxygen therapy. Most commonly, pulse flow oxygen give flow output of 1-6 pulse settings. Your healthcare specialist will mention the right output in the prescription, and you must follow his instructions.


We have made a list of the best portable oxygen concentrators in India. Oxymed, Philips, and Inogen are popular brands that have introduced well-tested and approved medical products in the market. Our detailed comparison will help you find the suitable oxygen concentrator for your everyday needs.

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