Patna: With the number of active cases of coronavirus reaching 76 in Bihar on Saturday, the increasing cases of Covid-19 are becoming frightening. The authorities have registered 20 new cases in the last 24 hours. Apart from the danger of H3N2 influenza virus in hospitals, side effects of corona are also visible. Gaya district on Friday recorded the first death due to Covid infection in Bihar this year. A 70-year-old patient, who was admitted to Anugraha Narayan Magadh Medical Hospital three days ago with breathing problem, died on Friday night. Symptoms of shortness of breath are coming out in most of the cases in Bihar.

Problems with excessive use of mobile phones

Superintendent of Patna’s New Gardener Road Government Hospital, Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha said, after the first phase of Corona, we have seen shortness of breath, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, insomnia, skin diseases, itching, eyesight. Have seen many diseases like deficiency. People of all ages are suffering from such diseases. Sinha said, during Covid, people’s dependence on electronic gadgets has increased in the country. He has used mobile phone excessively, due to which his eyesight has become weak. A large number of people also used steroid medicines, which is causing health complications.

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‘Need to do physical exercise’

He said that people need to do some physical exercise, walk for at least half an hour, interact with people and create a healthy environment around them. Bihar’s health department is also struggling with the shortage of vaccines. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also accepted this. He has demanded that the central government should supply the corona vaccine to Bihar. Kumar said on Friday, Bihar’s hospitals have run out of vaccines since last one week. Center needs to provide vaccines to Bihar at the earliest. He said, the investigation of corona is going on every day. The average testing for every 10 lakh population in the country is 6 lakhs, but the average testing in Bihar is 8 lakhs, we did not stop testing when there were no corona cases in Bihar. Now the cases are increasing so the health department is in alert mode.

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Problems due to not getting vaccinated

According to an official, the people of Bihar are in a relaxed mode after the intensity of the infection has reduced. A large number of people have not taken the first, second or booster dose. As a result, 15,000 vaccines expired in March this year. According to the World Health Organization and the Indian Council of Medical Research, vaccines have the potential to slow down the pace of infection in patients. The Bihar government has demanded 1 lakh vaccines from the Center. Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department, Pratyay Amrit said, Bihar’s health department is appealing people to avoid unnecessarily going to crowded places. People should also follow Covid protocol and wear masks while going to hospitals. Apart from Corona, the fear of H3N2 influenza has also started looming large. H3N2 influenza is a variant of swine flu (H1N1) and some cases of the disease have been reported in Bihar.

Covid vaccine finished in Bihar, Nitish Kumar requested the central government to provide stock

The risk of H3N2 also increased

The symptoms of H3N2 are similar to those of swine flu with people having high fever, chills and cough. The Health Department has claimed to have made concrete arrangements in Patna to deal with H3N2 Influenza and Swine Flu. 20 beds have been reserved in Patna Medical College and Hospital and 30 beds in Patna AIIMS. Besides this, there are also dedicated isolation wards at Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, Sadar Hospital, Kurji Holy Family and other leading government and private hospitals. Health officials have instructed government and private hospitals to get every patient with cold and cough tested and submit the report to the civil surgeon’s office.


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