Stroke and heart attack can be prevented and not only with healthy eating and physical activity. You can get help to get the situation under control.

A method to be used in our homes, through a tool that links diseases to air filtration: here’s what we should all have at home from now on.

How to prevent stroke and heart attack-(

Diseases such as stroke and heart attack can be connected to many causes, one of these, perhaps the least known, is COPD. This is chronic instructive pulmonary disease, a respiratory disease that affects the lungs and bronchi causing breathing difficulties. It can often accompany serious illnesses such as arrhythmias, strokes and heart attacks.

How to prevent stroke and heart attack at home

For the treatment of the air in homes, some tools and appliances are sometimes essential to have at home. We may not be aware of that there are airborne diseases, related to stroke and heart attack, which can cause serious consequences. Some diseases that cause respiratory problems are generated by plant pollens, animal allergens, but also house dust. Some tools such as the air purifier are therefore essential to make the environment as pure as possible. Today almost everyone has one, it seems like a craze like the air fryer, but it’s actually much more.

Air purifiers against stroke and heart attack

According to one study this, disease that makes cardiovascular health worrying, can be prevented through the use of air purifiers. How? By improving the air circulation, these appliances also improve health conditions.

Through the active filtering of air purifiers, pollutants and allergic substances present in the house are reduced. In this way the nose and bronchi are less in contact with inflammation of the airways. Some recent studies, carried out immediately after Covid and laundry, have shown that appliances are also essential for reducing viruses in the air, therefore they considerably prevent contact.

heart attack-stroke air purifier
Air purifiers against stroke and heart attack (

In short, in addition to the classic method of airing the house by keeping the windows open, it is almost essential to have an air purifier. This especially if we are in a closed environment without windows or if we live in a particularly busy area. In order to have as clean an environment as possible and to contract at least possible respiratory diseases, these small household appliances can significantly change the quality of our life.

Let’s not forget that the air we breathe is our primary source of livelihood, that allows us to live and for this we must treat it with the same care with which we choose healthy foods to eat or with which we dedicate our time to physical activity.

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