Discover the multiple benefits of sea water: natural therapy for respiratory health, regeneration of the body and well-being of the mind

Organizing a beach holiday is wonderful. Sometimes it is enough to look at this “blue giant” with its eternal movement to realize how relaxing and beneficial it is. But the sea water it is not only beautiful and restful. It is a real natural treasure that is healthy for our body.

Sea water works wonders, it is useless to deny it because it offers many advantages for both the body and the mind and it has been known for centuries. Holidaying in the coastal resorts that the nobles used to take are an example of this. What most manages to make us feel good is the act of breathing in the sea air which is so rich in salt water particles. Is called thalassotherapy or water therapy and is a beneficial activity increasingly appreciated and also recommended by doctors.

The reasons why sea water is good for you and what are the psycho-physical benefits

Walking by the sea and enjoying a day at the beach are very pleasant activities which, moreover, are good for our respiratory system because they are as a natural aerosol.

In fact, marine air contains tiny letters doses of sodium chloride, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur and other mineral particles that evaporate and that we can breathe. The best moments? Early in the morning and around 7 pm in the evening. These elements contribute to the clear the airways, relieving allergy symptoms asthma or other problems.

Even in the case of a cold or sinusitis, thalassotherapy helps reduce inflammation and mucus. But it doesn’t end here: the benefits are also for the skin that with sea water, sea air, the sun and vitamin D it will be much more toned, luminous and healthy. Then walking even just 20 minutes in the sea is good for the body, for the blood circulation, reduces the risk of obesity. In short, a 360° physical well-being.

Since we live in the most stressed society par excellence, we cannot fail to mention the beneficial effects of sea water and the air you breathe on the beach for the nervous system. In fact, it seems that walking on the shore, or even simply sitting watching the spectacle of the waves breaking on the shoreline, helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a simple practice but perfect for anyone suffering from sleep disorders or anxiety that helps improve mood.

The beneficial effects of sea water they are therefore obvious. The physical, mental and complete well-being of our body is priceless, but this practice is so pleasant that putting it into practice won’t even be an effort.

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