Breathing exercises and certain techniques can help increase lung capacity and oxygen levels in the body, some of the key benefits that one gets through a workout or exercise, according to doctors and fitness experts. Lung capacity shows how much air one's lungs can hold. The experts have also noted that improved breathing can enhance physical endurance by boosting respiratory health.

According to Dr Deepak Sharma, consultant pulmonologist at Moradabad’s Ujala Cygnus Brightstar Hospital, improving breathing techniques and patterns by different exercises like incentive spirometry or deep breathing exercises oxygenates the blood more effectively and improves lung capacity. 

This involves using the full depths of the diaphragm and chest volume that are fully focused on the rhythm of the breathing cycle with inhalation and exhalation in an approximate 1:2 ratio. "More importantly, it also helps slow down the heart's overall metabolic rate and activates the body's oxygen-conserving mechanism," Sharma said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world understood how unpleasant the feeling of breathlessness can be when the virus affected lung capacity, he said. There is an enhanced sense of consciousness among people to remain fit and healthy, especially after the pandemic, Sharma said.

However, due to busy lifestyles, very few people manage to hit the gym or gather the courage to beat the cold or laziness and go outdoors for running, he said. Improved breathing can perform some miracles here by boosting lung health and capacity, which is crucial for the holistic health and wellbeing of an individual. Today, the role of smart respiratory training devices is also being explored to enhance lung capacity within a short time, the experts said.

Commenting on the evolution and role of such devices, Pankaj Balwani, founder and CEO of Xplore Lifestyle said, "Today, advanced technology is aiding improved breathing, and this can help people in taking some time out of their busy schedule to remain fit. We have come up with Airofit ACTIVE, a product that has been customized particularly for sporting performance as well as general wellbeing."  Airofit ACTIVE is a lighter version of Airofit PRO, a smart respiratory training device. Training with this device for four minutes a day has the same effect as a 53-minute VO2 max workout twice a week would have on endurance athletes, Balwani said.

Dr Arunesh Kumar, head of department-pulmonology at Gurugram’s Paras Hospitals, said anyone with a healthy respiratory system has the capacity to oxygenate the blood and eradicate carbon dioxide and carry out regular breathing procedures. Physical exercises are a one-time solution for multiple issues in the body and to regulate breathing there is no other way than to get out early in the morning and practise breathing exercises like pranayam, belly breathing and more, he said. 

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