The pandemic has brought the importance of physical and mental fitness to the forefront of people’s consciousness. Nowadays, most of us concentrate on overall fitness and training, often neglecting the fact that respiratory strength remains the engine of all other muscle training activities. So, we not only need to breathe the right way but possessing high lung capacity is equally very important. Two innovative devices introduced by medtech solutions provider Xplore Health Technologies can go a long way in boosting our respiratory muscle strength and lung capacity. We are talking about Airofit PRO, a smart respiratory training device, and its lighter version, Airofit Active, both creations of Airofit, Denmark. Let us check out some of their key features and overall running.

Airofit PRO

On the lines of regular muscle training, Airofit PRO employs resistance training in order to increase the strength and capacity of our breathing muscles. It is a personal data-driven smart respiratory training system, priced at a somewhat steep Rs 34,990. Basically, the device pairs with a mobile app (Android & iOS) and when synced, gives you access to tested respiratory training programmes that are based on data as well as your age, gender, physical condition, and preferences. The company calls its smart respiratory muscle training (RMT).

We checked out the PRO and liked the fact that the device can truly personalise the breathing training experience. Importantly, it can train both inspiratory and expiratory muscles. Essentially, the device works by subjecting diaphragm and other breathing muscles to resistance training, an exercise involving resistance wheels providing adjustable but restricted airflow to the individual. To explain, since the resistance causes fatigue in breathing muscles, it gets compensated by muscle tissue growth thereby making respiratory muscles more robust, allowing longer and deeper breathing.

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Airofit PRO checks vital lung capacity everyday and tracks various parameters of lung health improvements everyday. It offers 17 unique breathing sessions, has a real-time live guidance platform that guides you through all exercises and sessions while tracking progress derived from real-time data. Moreover, going beyond simple RMT, the device also addresses other related aspects of breathing such as respiratory strength, vital capacity, anaerobic threshold, and relaxation.

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Overall, it is an easy-to-use device and only takes 10 minutes of training once or twice a day to get relief from shortness of breath. A must-have for those with respiratory and lung disorders.


* 17 breathing sessions

* Personalised programmes

* Real-time guidance

* Bluetooth connectivity

* Estimated street price: Rs 34,990

Airofit Active

This is a lighter version of Airofit PRO and is priced at Rs 11,990. It is customised for sporting performance as well as general well-being. Training with this device four minutes a day is said to have the same effect as a 53-minute VO2 max workout twice a week would have on endurance athletes. The device also addresses other aspects of breathing such as respiratory strength, vital capacity, anaerobic threshold, and relaxation.

With simple training guidance offered by the device and in three sessions, a sportsperson can train himself in vastly improving his breathing methods and capacity and therefore elevating his sporting performance.

Airofit Active stimulates the vagus nerve, allowing one to achieve better relaxation, very crucial for those who need to boost recovery between sports events. Also helps in non-sporting spheres, thus useful for lay people too.


* 3 simple training sessions

* Adjustable resistance levels

* See your training history

* App offers simple training guidance

* Estimated street price: Rs 11,990

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