The Ministry of Public (MoPH) has highlighted the benefits of the Wheel of Wellbeing, which can help people identify how they are doing and if there are any imbalances that are preventing them from leading a more fulfilled life.

"It can be an easy-to-use tool to help you change things for the better," the ministry said in a post on social media.
The Wheel of Wellbeing is a "simple way to think about some of the things you can do to help you improve your mood, reduce the risk of depression, and strengthen your relationships, and it may even add years to your life", the MoPH noted.

It is made up of six easy steps, which are explained as follows:

* Body: Be active
Your body is the engine that powers your wellbeing. It's designed to move. Physical activities can positively influence the way you think, feel and function.
* Mind: Keep learning
Studies show that life-long learners are some of the healthiest, happiest people around. Our wellbeing can improve by taking up a new hobby.
* Spirit: Give
Giving to others does amazing things like reducing your blood pressure and improving your sleep! Practising random acts of kindness, volunteering time, or simply saying "thank you" work wonders for your wellbeing.
* People: Connect
Close relationships with friends and family can add up to seven years to our lives. That's the same benefit as giving up smoking.
* Place: Take notice
Noticing nature helps us press the pause button. It reduces the stress of our 21st-century "hurry-worry" lives. Savouring our surroundings gives us, quite literally, more breathing space.
* Planet: Care
Keeping our blue planet in tip-top shape is the best recipe for world wellbeing; small positive changes like getting on your bike and switching off your charger can make a big difference.
Explaining what one can do him/herself, the ministry said: "Wellness is a journey, not a destination, and you might find that certain circumstances change your priorities and affect different areas of your wellbeing at different times in your life."
The MoPH informed that the Mental Health helpline is available from 7am to 3pm, Saturday to Thursday.
To access the helpline, one has to call 16000, select the language (Arabic or English), and press 4 for Mental Health.
The helpline is staffed by a team of mental health professionals who can speak several languages.

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