Important Symptoms of Lung Cancer
Important Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Thoracic Surgeon Prof. Dr. Erdal Okur talked about the symptoms of lung cancer within the scope of “November 1-30 World Lung Cancer Awareness Month”; made important warnings. Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world and the most common cause of death. In fact, lung cancer is responsible for about one-third of all cancer deaths.

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Thoracic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Erdal Okur stated that it is possible to completely get rid of lung cancer, which can be diagnosed early and treated surgically, thanks to the important developments in both surgical treatment and other treatment methods.

prof. Dr. Erdal Okur listed the important signs of lung cancer as follows:

Cough is often the first sign of lung cancer. Thoracic Surgeon Prof. Dr. Erdal Okur stated that the cough developed as a result of the tumor irritating the airway or causing obstructions.

prof. Dr. Erdal Okur stated that "Seeing blood in the sputum is a sign that it is necessary to apply to the doctor immediately" and said that attention should be paid.

Okur, shortness of breath may develop due to the obstruction of the airway by the lung tumor or the accumulation of water in the lungs due to the tumor. He emphasized that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is common in chronic smokers and that these patients may experience shortness of breath, and that a physician should be seen.

Although treated with antibiotics and resolved, the lung infection recurs after a while. prof. Dr. Erdal Okur said, “Therefore, a person who has repeatedly had a lung infection should consider the possibility that there may be a problem in his lungs blocking the airway and should definitely consult his doctor.” said

Okur stated that although there are other causes of hoarseness, it is of great importance for people in the risk group for lung cancer to be careful about this issue.

Pain in the chest area is seen when the lung tumor reaches the chest wall. It develops as a continuous blunt and never-ending pain. Thoracic Surgeon Prof. Dr. Erdal Okur said, “Tumors that develop in the upper parts of the lungs can cause shoulder and arm pain. Therefore, pain in the chest area that does not improve within 1-2 weeks without any other reason can be a harbinger of lung cancer.” warned.

Like most cancers, destruction in the body increases in lung cancer, and anemia develops in the patient.

Okur explained that involuntary weight loss may be caused by a malignant tumor.

Reader, finally, "Other symptoms such as glandular growth in the neck region, difficulty in swallowing, persistent pain in the arms and legs, and wheezing can sometimes be the first signal, even though they are actually caused by advanced lung cancer." he ended his statement.

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