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HRN's white paper reported some really incredible scores, maybe having us rethink and relearn why Pulmonary and Cardiac rehabilitation is necessary.

Over 99% of our patients report improvements in their breathing post-rehabilitation. Hospital readmission rates dropped by 2.4%”

— Alexander Grichuhin

OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2022 / -- The Home Rehab Network is Maryland-based Telehealth rehabilitation company founded in 2017 with the goal of making rehabilitation more accessible and improving health outcomes in patients with pulmonary disease from the comfort of their own home. Guided by practitioners that are well known in their field of practice, no other program offered in the United States can compete with HRN’s experience and success rates in the industry.

HRN is composed of physicians, respiratory/occupational therapists, clinical care coordinators, personal trainer, dietician, telehealth IT specialists, account manager, data

manager, and external programs/ consultants to enhance program.

Multidisciplinary Team

Program Success: Health Quality Measures


A total 100 stable COPD patients (GOLD stages II-IV, and <4L/min oxygen) between the age of 50-85 were randomly selected from chart review. COPD health quality metrics including COPD assessment test (CAT), 6-minute walk test (6MWT), incentive spirometry, and BORG scale were analyzed prior to, during, and at the completion of the program.

Measures were compared using paired t-test and Chi-squared test with p<0.05 considered a statistically significant. "Over 99% of our patients report improvement in their breathing post-rehabilitation "

Comparison of 30-day Hospital Readmission Rates (%) for AECOPD

Thirty-day readmission rates were compared between out-patient PR programs and health system, statewide, nationwide, and country-based readmission data (19-22). Telehealth- based PR resulted in a drastic reduction in rehospitalization with HRN demonstrating the lowest rates at 2.4%. The impact of a comprehensive telehealth PR program has also resulted in a readmission reduction up to 3-months. However, future research including randomized trials and registries will be required to further validate program success for hospital wide adoption.


Telehealth Based-6.2%

Home Respiratory therapy-12.2%

LifeBridgeHealth System-16.4%

State (MD)-19.9%



It is estimated that 15.7 million Americans (6.4%) have been diagnosed with COPD with prevalence varying considerably by state and country.

The potential cost savings is enormous saving over a billion dollars nationwide just accounting for hospital costs. In addition, each state and hospital could save

millions per 1000 index visits for COPD and bronchiectasis. The same savings could be applied to other chronic conditions that HRN manages such as heart failure.

There is critical need for more research and data analytics demonstrating the cost effectiveness of HRN's program by region, and payment models. Given the improvement in accessibility, health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost reduction it only makes sense for hospitals to provide this proven and one-of-a-kind program to all their patients that meet the criteria.

For a full White Paper review please use the link provided.

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