A courageous mother recorded her daughter’s distressing struggle for air in the hopes that it would help other parents recognize the symptoms.

Her daughter appeared to be very ill, and she noticed that she was exerting herself more than usual just to breathe.

The baby’s mother noticed a sucking motion at the toddler’s neck base, and the baby was taking loud, rapid breaths.

That’s a tracheal tug, and it means your kid needs medical help right away.

This is a symptom of respiratory distress in children and should be addressed immediately.

Medical professionals advise parents to keep an eye out for a visible sucking motion as their child pulls in a breath, particularly at the junction of the two collarbones at the back of the neck.

Similar tugging movements may be felt between your child’s ribs or in the belly just below the rib cage.

After reading about and watching videos on the Instagram account CPR Kids, the quick-thinking mother recognized this sign of respiratory distress and rushed her daughter to the hospital.

The account is managed by a group of pediatric nurses who post information about first aid supplies and techniques.

Later, she shared the footage she had taken of her daughter with CPR kids in the hopes that it would help other parents recognize the signs that indicated their child needed medical attention.

“Thank goodness I recognized the symptoms and got her to the hospital right away,” she wrote.

Adding that “she had a virus and was struggling to breathe,” she expressed gratitude to CPR Kids for providing the necessary education.

I would have no idea what to do if I hadn’t known what to watch out for.

“I’d love to lend a hand to another mother if I can,” she said.

The account then shared an update on the child’s condition and uploaded the video for other parents to see.

One commenter, CPR Kids, expressed relief that the child was doing well.

They were able to detect the virus and her low oxygen levels early because of mom’s quick actions and response.

Last year, the CPR Kids team discussed warning signs of a tracheal tug.

In the meantime, pediatrician Dr. Sarah Kayat walked through the four steps every parent needs to know to ensure their child is breathing properly.

Many kids constantly complain of a hacking cough or runny nose. These are usually not serious and will clear up quickly, but if they persist, your child may need medical attention.

The National Health Service (NHS) suggests that viral infections or common conditions like bronchitis could be to blame for children’s wheezing and other breathing difficulties.

Patient UK suggests that bacterial infections, asthma, allergies, cigarette smoke, extremely poor air quality, and inhaled foreign bodies are also potential causes.

What to do if your child’s breathing has changed

A medical evaluation is warranted if your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, as stated by medical professionals:

Stay calm and reassuring if any of these things occur.

Assist with breathlessness by ensuring a relaxed position.

Give them a reliever inhaler if they have one, and finish their chest physiotherapy program if they have one.

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If these symptoms persist after a few minutes, dial 9-1-1 immediately.

If your child is unresponsive and you suspect an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

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