Hospital for Special Care, Respiratory Therapy – Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Team Leader: Pamela Held

Team Members: Stephanie Alderman, Laurie Miller, Rhonda Pintek, Crystal Schindo, Betsy Smith, Debbie Wantek, Rhiannon Warzocha

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Winner Category | Healthcare Staff

The pulmonary rehabilitation team at Hospital for Special Care (HFSC) helps patients live and even thrive with their diagnosis. A skilled team of respiratory therapists guides patients through a structured exercise program three times each week, helping each patient build or sustain cardiopulmonary strength, while monitoring oxygen levels for safety.

What have been the team’s significant contributions to the organization in the past year?

If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) or any of the respiratory conditions that Hospital for Special Care’s pulmonary rehabilitation patients experience, you may think carefully about every single breath.

The pulmonary rehabilitation team provides weekly education sessions for patients and their caregivers on a broad range of topics helping them understand and navigate the complex issues impacting their health. Classes address the whole person, and help patients and their loved ones better understand their condition, retain independence, enjoy time with loved ones and continue active lifestyles.

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What’s the team’s next major goal and/or challenge?

The pulmonary rehabilitation team also hosts the HFSC Breathtakers support group to bring patients together to share experiences and learn from one another. Members of the group provide peer support, helping one another cope with the anxiety created by being short of breath.

What are some major challenges the team had to overcome?

The pulmonary rehabilitation team, though small, has a mighty impact. Two respiratory therapists, supported by a patient care and administrative support team, transform patient lives. These healthcare heroes go above and beyond for every patient and every family member.

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