Breathing Labs has launched Breathing Apps for VR headsets (termed “Breathing VR”) for use in psychiatry (phobias, anxieties) and rehabilitation (post-operative, copd, asthma).

Compared to Breathing Games/Apps, Breathing VR’s main advantages are:

  • With VR headsets breathing games/apps are easier to administer in clinical environment, as there is no need for users to hold mobile phone or tablet in their hands
  • VR headset creates an immersive experience that keeps users more focused and engaged and produces stronger emotional responses
  • As VR headsets generally do not enable users to tap or swype on screen, therefore many VR games lack some basic input signal for interaction. Breathing provides user interaction in the most natural, ergonomic, and clinically beneficial way.

Use in Psychiatry

VR has lately been proposed to be used in psychiatry considering various treatments of phobias, anxiety and many behavioural disorders. At Breathing Labs, we have combined psychoactive VR games with pursed lip breathing technique which is a technique of prolonged exhalation that triggers a “relief” also called “rest & digest” response in all mammals. That way users use their breathing in a creative way to control the events in the games. This technology allows them to limit external distractions and acquire a higher level of focus on their breathing. When one focuses on his breathing, he becomes more aware of their whole body along with their breathing pattern and can therefore easily monitor it, build a higher awareness of it and develop experiential knowledge. Additionally, Breathing Games provide biofeedback for users, their doctors or supervisors to track their progress and analyse their statistics.

VR Delivers Immersive Experiences

With implementing virtual reality, we have made breathing exercises far more immersive from the traditional ones. They prompt users motivation and engagement in breathing exercise. 


A few of our VR breathing games have already been published and there are many of them to come:

For Android: Breathing VR on Google Play 

For iOS: Breathing Apps on App Store

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