Teja Cain, Sales Representative - Breathing Labs

What is your role with Breathing Labs?

I am a Licensed Sales Representative for USA, specifically in Florida and Tennessee. My passion is to help people live healthier lives.

Why are you representing Breathing Labs?

I realized people are in great need to learn to breathe correctly and control their problems, less with pharmaceutical products, and more with their own body.  With our products, children ages 5 to 105, can learn and train their breathing in a manner which will help them in daily lives, with problems such as asthma, anxiety, COPD, speech impediments, as well as help athletes with their performance.

Another reason for choosing to be a representative for Breathing Labs is the fact, the company is from Slovenia, where I was born. The desire to work and promote products from Slovenia has always been important to me, and I finally found a company with great story and ability to reach beyond Slovenian borders.

Who is your client?

I always look for opportunities to introduce Breathing Labs products to doctors, hospitals, DME companies, speech therapists, physical therapists, music teachers, parents and patients, as well as many other markets.  Basically, anyone who needs to learn to breathe in a proper way.

How can we reach you?

Email: [email protected]
Cell phone: 865-661-4451

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