I have always said that good health and beauty are two sides of the same coin. Unless you are healthy from the inside, you cannot reflect true beauty, especially in terms of a glowing skin. I believe that yoga is very relevant to our modern lifestyle.
One of the asanas that is necessary for beautiful skin is Pranayama, as it helps to reduce stress, increase oxygenation and improve blood circulation. Pranayama is the best exercise of correct breathing. Devoting a few minutes every day allows us the means of natural cleansing of the system. These exercises are now being followed worldwide. Close one nostril with the fingers. Then breathe in through the other nostril. The air should be inhaled in short sniffs. Then close the second nostril and breathe out. Breathe in again through the other nostril and breathe out the same way. Alternate it up to ten times. This purifies the blood stream and cleanses the entire filtering system.
Yoga improves blood circulation, including the circulation of blood to the skin surface. This is so important for the good health of the skin, as it helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. It also promotes the removal of toxins through the skin. It tones the skin, imparts a beautiful glow and keeps the skin youthful and free from problems.
Many beauty problems are triggered off by stress, like acne. Yoga helps to induce relaxation and reduce stress. Therefore, it helps in dealing with stress-related conditions. Studies conducted on those who practice yoga have shown that it has a direct effect on the mind, emotions and mood. In fact, Yoga is a regular stress-buster and puts the glow back on you skin. Feeling good makes you look good too!
As we all know, Yoga deals with physical exercises, called “Asanas,” which entails the assuming of well defined poses, with precise results. Some asanas not only reduce stress, help to get rid of toxins and wastes. The asanas that help acne are Uttanasana – This is a standing and forward bending pose, in which the body is fully bent, with hands holding the ankles. Kapalbhati – a breathing exercise is also said to help an acne condition. In this, the exhaling of breath is done with a little force. It is said to help remove carbon dioxide and thus purify the blood. This also helps to decongest the system and add a glow to the skin.
Dhanurasana is a posture that resembles a bow. It is excellent for removing toxins and flushing the system. It also promotes blood circulation and reduces stress. Thus it makes the skin clear and adds a glow.
The regular practice of yoga helps to preserve the youthful properties of the skin. You can say that it like a face-lift. It has powerful rejuvenating and revitalizing benefits. Surya Namaskar is ideal, as it exercises the entire body and has a rejuvenating effect on both body and mind. It is a set of 12 poses or “asanas,” in a particular sequence, accompanied by controlled breathing. It helps the organ systems to stay healthy, apart from keeping the body youthful and the mind calm. It is ideal for achieving glowing, youthful looking skin. For glowing skin, try this yoga “asana” along with Pranayama. Stand straight and place feet and legs wide apart. Cover face with palms and breathe deeply and quickly for 10 counts. Then while continuing breathing, rub the face with the fingers, starting from chin and going to the forehead. Include the area around eyes. This helps to make the skin smooth, firm and radiant.

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