If there is a democratic problem it is anxiety: an emotional state that can become pathological and that affects in a transversal way those who are rich or poor, beautiful or ugly. And if there is a beautiful and very rich testimonial of this discomfort, it is Kendall Jenner who, from the height of her golden life, is not free from stress and has never hidden that she is a very anxious person. However, the model has recently found a solution to start the day in a more relaxed and calm way, and is so enthusiastic about her method that she has decided to share it with her fans.

The Jenner method

In a post published on the Instagram profile she described her morning routine: “Lately my anxiety (the social one in particular) has increased dramatically. But I managed to find a place and a way to manage all this. I dedicate a lot of time to myself and I love to spend a few moments alone “. Not a great gimmick, actually, but then it goes into detail like relaxing breathing techniques, writing in her secret diary and observing her surroundings more carefully.

Kendall’s tricks

“Today I started my day doing these things: 10 deep inhalations / exhalations before picking up the phone, I went to my yard and started writing something in my diary, I wrote down all the things I can’t wait to do, I thanked heaven for everything I have, I got some sun, I drank a cup of tea and finally dedicated more time to deep breathing “. Not everyone will have a courtyard like the one we imagine the 26-year-old American enjoys, but at least we all have tea and lungs.

The invitation

“I’m trying to find those little tricks that make me start the day in a more peaceful and relaxed way. Having said that I want to send all my followers a flood of positive energy”, he added, inviting his followers to follow some of his advice. “Give it a try, it’s a great way to manage anxiety,” she concluded.

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