Regularly washing your bedding and using an anti-allergy pillow can help you breathe and sleep easier. There are also apps available to help with breathing exercises.

If you think you may have this, speak to your GP. Regularly washing your bedding and using an anti-allergy pillow can help you breathe and sleep easier. Alternatively, if your airways feel blocked up at night, consider whether you might be suffering from an . The Sleep Charity recommends keeping your bedroom clean, and free of clutter and dust. Regularly washing your bedding and using an anti-allergy pillow can help you breathe and sleep easier, too

. Get appy There are lots of apps to help you get to grips with breathing. Try iBreathe for guided breathwork sessions, then, once you’ve got the knack of it, you can use it to design your own exercises to suit the patterns that help you relax most. Similarly, Breathwrk offers breathing exercises that focus on different areas of your life, including ones for sleep, calming down and feeling more energised. It’s also worth checking out the settings on your smartwatch – the Meditation app on the Apple Watch gives real-time feedback on how your breathing relates to your heart rate. Just don’t spend too much time staring at a screen. Just as we can forget to blink when focusing on a work task, we are more likely to hold our breath, too

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Walking Backwards or Breathing Through Your Nose Could Have Health BenefitsA new study suggests that walking backwards or breathing through your nose could have various health benefits. Researchers found that walking backwards can improve balance and coordination, while nasal breathing can help reduce stress and improve lung function. These simple practices can be easily incorporated into daily routines to promote overall well-being.

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