According to a regulatory filing in China, the battery capacities of the new iPhone 15 models have been revealed. The filing, spotted by MySmartPrice, shows that there have been slight upgrades from the previous generation.

The specific battery capacities for the iPhone 15 series are as follows: 3,349mAh for the iPhone 15, 4,383mAh for the iPhone 15 Plus, 3,274mAh for the iPhone 15 Pro, and 4,422mAh for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. These capacities offer up to 20, 26, 23, and 29 hours of battery life, respectively.

Comparing these capacities to the iPhone 14 series, there are moderate increases in battery sizes. The iPhone 14 had capacities of 3,279mAh, 4,325mAh, 3,200mAh, and 4,323mAh for the regular, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max models respectively.

It is important to note that the battery life calculations mentioned above are based on watching videos on the iPhones and remain the same as the previous models. This suggests that any increase in battery capacity may have been offset by additional power demands within the device. It appears that earlier leaks suggesting major battery upgrades did not come to fruition.

Various factors other than battery capacity can affect battery life, such as the size and brightness of the display, the speed of the chipset, and the efficiency of the internal modem.

In conclusion, while the iPhone 15 series does offer slightly larger battery capacities compared to its predecessor, it seems that the overall battery life has remained similar. For a comprehensive review of the new iPhone 15 models, you can visit our iPhone 15 review, iPhone 15 Plus review, iPhone 15 Pro review, and iPhone 15 Pro Max review pages. The phones are currently available for online orders from Apple, with in-store availability set for next Friday, September 22.


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