No matter how big of a fitness enthusiast you were before pregnancy, if you are thinking of getting back to your normal routine post-giving birth, it will require special consideration and time. After childbirth, it becomes tough to regain your fitness routine. It may seem easy, but hopping back on the treadmill or joining your pilates classes may get tough mentally and physically.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to go slow. Choose the right routine for yourself that balances your convenience and the needs of a new mom. If you’re confused about where to start, worry not, we’ve got you covered.

Postpartum Exercises

Start with a combination of cardio, strength training, and low-intensity aerobic exercises, which help strengthen the muscle, boost energy, relieve stress, promote better sleep and help lose the extra weight of pregnancy.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pregnancy affects your core strength; that’s why newbie moms need to focus on building and strengthening the muscle and gaining the fitness level of pre-pregnancy. For that, pelvic floor exercises such as planks, side-plank leg lifts, glute bridges and many more are the best recommendations. These can be done easily at home, without any equipment.

Diaphragmatic breathing

It is recommended to begin within the first few days of giving birth. It is very simple, and you need to spare only a few minutes each day and focus on your breath to relax your mind and reduce stress. Diaphragmatic breathing improves core stability and slows the rate of breathing.

Swiss ball bird dog hold

This exercise is excellent for improving stability and posture and reducing lower back pain. It can easily be performed at home, using just an exercise ball for stability.


Walking is a very simple yet effective exercise to stay active. It improves the blood-oxygenation level and increases energy. It refreshes you and is a low-intensity steady, state cardio exercise. Walking also helps increase stamina and keeps you proactive and mindful.

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