Stress and anxiety are listed as one of the great Diseases of the 21st century. The two ills that first world people experience more and more as a result of the rhythm of our lives, the rush of our daily connections and the pursuit of greater productivity in our day to day. Hence, in this article, we are going to analyze three applications from the app store help reduce stress worry progressively.

Insight timer

this application meditation and wellness Focuses on offering a wide range of meditations that aim to reduce stress and anxiety. There are various types of free exercises in this application.

it has some advantages variety of content, which includes dialogue and music adapted to users’ preferences and individual needs. Additionally, you can bypass the focus between different Period, style and approach. it has another feature adaptability, Allows you to set various options to suit your needs and preferences. In addition, application Offers courses and workshops Free and paid courses designed for mindfulness and wellness experts who want to deepen their practices and learn new skills.

Insight timer - meditation n

Smiling heart


Smiling Mind is an application developed by Australian psychologist and teacher They have it because they want to help people reduce stress and improve their well-being through a variety of exercise and meditation programs.

Wants at all times to teach techniques that allow application reduce stress and anxiety, as well as teaches you tools to hone skills more effectively, improve concentration, decision making, and increase emotional resilience. With the aforesaid, its likely to accomplish one of the most important points follow up Progress in your meditation sessions, meditation times and programs where you will see growth not only mentally but also graphically.

Finally, it is important to note that this application is accessible to all, it is already Free. yes it is included premium features subscription call “Smiling Mind Plus” which provides access to additional content and exclusive features.

Smiling mind meditation app
Smiling mind meditation app

Headspace: Meditation and Sleep


Finally, we can’t forget the Headspace application, a very popular en la app store and whose purpose is to help users reduce stress and anxiety Through mindfulness practices and guided meditations.
Some of its most important features are likely set up guided meditation Which works on issues like stress, anxiety, concentration, self-esteem and gratitude.

it also has structured program Includes a range of courses and programs that allows guide User through different aspects of meditation and meditation. In addition, the application includes and breathing exercises which teaches users to consciously use their breath to reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve coordination and concentration.

Finally, the Headspace app includes mindfulness practices For everyday situations such as walking, running and cooking, allowing users to take precautions in their daily lives.

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