Traditionally, people use health services as a solution to a health problem that appears at a certain point in their lives. In other words, medical services, whether public or private, are used only when there is a health problem, illness, or discomfort that needs to be resolved. It is for this reason that private health insurance offers a new and different approach to public health services, as it includes a large number of benefits in health prevention, giving you access to a large number of services. lifestyle.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has always chosen self-care as one of the most important tools for improving global health, considering it the most important way to avoid (prevent) the appearance of diseases or clinical cases. It is considered one of the important steps. who threaten the national health system, both public and private.

We understand self-care to be the ability of people to be mindful of everything that happens in their lives on a physical and psychological level, taking into account all the variables present in their lives and taking into account the elements of possible future prevention. can work as health problems.. This meditation will be very helpful for prevention, because the more aligned you are with your health condition, the more chances you have to prevent certain diseases or disorders and moreover , you will be able to get a much faster diagnosis allowing you to attack it at an early stage, and with it will have a better chance of being treated or cured.

Therefore, if you are attentive to everything that happens in your health condition, you will have the possibility of doing more sports, healthy diet, doing a series of check-ups in the year…. To improve the state of your health and prevent the appearance of long-term problems.

From we propose these 5 steps for self-care on a physical and psychological level, and will be very important when it comes to living a healthy life and preventing many health problems. Similarly, we will provide you the coverage that is available to you as an added advantage of having a health insurance contract, as not only illness is the aim of the insurers but also a full and healthy life of its insured.

Self-care coverage of your health insurance 1 Mindful eating and a healthy diet: We are what we eat. Nutritionist and dietetic services. 2 Sport and physical exercise Wellness services to improve your physical abilities (breathing, cardiovascular, …): Personal trainer. 3 Reduces stress and anxiety as well as everyday problems. Mind and body align for a better life. Psychology and Psychiatry. 4 Pain and overload of muscles. Because ibuprofen doesn’t cure everything. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Take care of 5 feet, because they are the ones who make you travel the world and on whom we carry all our weight. Chiropody.

So far we’ve looked at all the general and self-care guidelines we associate with improving quality of life and how to help them with your health insurance. Now we will see how to use health insurance as a prevention of possible problems that may arise. There is a common belief that going to the doctor or using the medical services covered by your health policy should only be done when you are in poor health or need to diagnose a medical condition, so you may not consider a check-up or Check-ups are a healthier option than cutting at the root of the problem, as the Spanish proverb goes “to cut the blood before it reaches the river”.

For this reason, at Arpem, when we talk about self-care or prevention, we would always recommend that you look at these uses of your health insurance in a holistic view of everything that affects your health condition .

Health Insurance coverage Prevention 1 Yearly Analysis
(Specialist: general practitioner) Check your health status annually, find out the data of cholesterol and triglycerides. Get an overview of how your health is doing. 2medical examination
(Medical check-up will be a sum of specialties in most insurers, as it is not usually present) Have annual tests that equate to a medical check-up: electrocardiogram and specialty reviews 3 revisions of health to have a complete view of your state Gynaecology.
(Specialty: Gynecology) Annual gynecological examination to check health status with cytology and ultrasound. 4 prostate exam
(Specialty: Urology) Once you reach an age, it will be necessary to have annual prostate check-up to prevent potential diseases that may affect your health status. 5 psychology sessions
(specialty: psychology) As a form of self-care, we recommend the use of psychology in this time to have a more objective view of what is happening around us, such as improving our day-to-day Review to get directions.

Did you know…?

People who are aware of the importance of self-care and prevention have fewer health problems, and a greater ability to react to potential diseases or serious disorders.


  • The WHO has spent years betting on self-care as a critical point of improvement for global health.
  • Self-care is the ability to be attentive to what happens to us and to take the necessary measures to improve our state of health.
  • Self-care is the basis of prevention.
  • To take care of and maintain a good state of health, it will be necessary to take into account diet, exercise and mind, this is the basis for improving the quality of life.
  • Every day it is more important to take care of yourself on a psychological and mental level, as you face many situations in which you need support.
  • Provides health insurance coverage that will help you with self-care and health prevention.
  • Annual reviews support and guide you on a day-to-day basis to improve your health status, highlighting where in your life you need to place more emphasis in order to improve or reduce negative effects on health.
  • Is annual analysis necessary to know the status of my health?

    Certainly knowing our blood sugar levels, cholesterol, platelet count and other results present in the blood extraction will tell us how our body and our health is responding to the diet and living conditions we have. To solve any problem by manifesting in results we must attack before they manifest in our life.

    Can I use psychology as prevention?

    At present, it is increasingly important to take care of the mind, as it not only manifests itself on a mental level, but its effects translate into behavioral or physical problems that are difficult to control, such as anxiety or depression. Going to a psychologist when your backpack of problems is small is much better than trying to weigh it down when it’s full of problems and situations you can’t cope with. These difficulties or problems will appear in the form of anxiety, tachycardia, inability to concentrate … Therefore, prevention will be fundamental and very important in order to live a calm life at the psychological level, and therefore, physical at the mental level.

    Are medical tests covered by my health insurance?

    As a general rule, medical checkups such as these are not covered by health insurance, but you can visit a number of specialists for this general look at your health. You can visit a cardiologist, dermatologist, and general practitioner, among other professionals, to get results on all aspects that affect your health condition. Few insurers cover checkups as such, therefore, we recommend that you speak to our team of health insurance professionals at to recommend the best services and insurers that can offer you these medical checkups .

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