Rise of the machine…pillows.

In today’s lifestyle people often find themselves very busy and yet also very sedate in that a lot of work is done on computers. This combination of stress and inactivity can often result in poor breathing habits that could lead to other medical problems.

It’s not a problem you would expect robots to be able to help with, but Yukai Engineering begs to differ. You might remember Yukai as the company that brought us Qoobo, the robotic cushion with a moving tail, as well as Amagami Hamuhamu, little dog robotic dog dolls that gently nibble on your finger. So, clearly it’s a company that specializes in using robots to help us relax.

▼ And here’s their latest robot

Their latest product Fufuly was unveiled at this year’s CES 2023 show in Las Vegas, where it was dubbed an Innovations Award Honoree. At first glance, Fufuly looks like your average hug pillow, but quite a bit of science has gone into it.

While holding Fufuly, it will simulate breathing which in turn adjusts your breathing to the same rhythm. It works on the phenomenon of entrainment, in which one’s bodily functions change to get into sync with an external source. This phenomenon is how our breathing might speed up or slow down depending on the music we hear or when embracing another person or pet and feeling their own breathing speed.

Yukai Engineering work with the University of Tokyo to determine the optimal rhythms to induce ideal relaxation breathing in humans. So, all you have to do to use it is switch it on, hold it, and let the entrainment take its course.

Fufuly is made of a soft velour and shaped to look like a little cloud of breath to get you in the mood for breathing deep. It’s recommend for use while relaxing at home, stressing at work, or to help you sleep at night.

With this and Yukai’s many other relaxation robots, it’s beginning to look as if the sci-if movies have got it all wrong. It’s far more efficient for the robots to take over the world by just making everyone too chilled-out to do anything about it, rather than by hunting us down or enslaving us.

Source: Fufuly, PR Times via Netlab
Images: PR Times
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