In the transition between late spring and early summer in Valle Aurina you rediscover the pleasure of breathing: in the largest side valley of South Tyrol comes the ideal season to let body and mind rediscover the MindfulMountainDays and Aria Pura – the weeks of Breatha series of events designed to connect guests with the surrounding nature.

With the MindfulMountainDays and Aria Pura in Valle Aurina you rediscover the pleasure of breathing

Each event takes place in different locations in the valley and is taught by instructors and expert staff. To facilitate travel and enjoy the area carefree, from 20 May to 30 June, the use of the Speikboden and Klauberg gondola lifts is free for all guests staying in an accommodation facility that is a member of a Valle Aurina or Campo tourist association Tures with the Free Cableway Pass; a way to discover the Alps at high altitudes with the warm air that caresses the face and awakens the senses.

Mindful hike with meditation and Maipfeife spring sounds in the mountains

Every Tuesday from 6 to 27 June, with the meeting point at the valley station of the Speikboden cable car in Campo Tures, the mindful hiking with meditation. A morning walk at high altitude in search of one’s self, a meditation with beneficial effects through a bond that is created with nature. Petra Röck, Yoga teacher, introduces guests in a 3-4 hour mindful hike with meditation by the mountain lake; the goal is to raise awareness of the importance of Mindfulness and offer the possibility of experimenting with this technique in a relaxing and natural context such as the Valle Aurina holiday area. The equipment to carry out this relaxing activity is very important, the organizers recommend bringing solid shoes for the mountain, drinks and snacks, an inflatable pillow and of course suitable clothing.

Another event not to be missed, Sunday 25 June at 10, is Maipfeife the spring sounds in the mountains, a special workshop organized at the Speikboden mini zoo in Campo Tures. On this occasion it is possible to create a Maipfeife or a flute of walnut or ash bark, a precious object that is delicately cut on both sides, built with young wood rich in sap, capable of returning those harmonious and natural sounds typical of farming tradition of the Valle Aurina holiday area. Wood carving probably represents the first form of transformation that man has carried out on a material, even before conceiving an artistic aspect, and today it proves to be a precious moment of connection with nature.

Breathe the pure air, breathe life

From 5 to 30 June, a group of experts and trainers are available for consciously introduce the power of the breath and relaxation techniques. Breathe pure air is the event proposed by the Climatic Center of Predoi, a true healing gallery that can provide relief for various respiratory tract pathologies. The Center has a microclimate with particularly pure air: it is here that a treatment called Cave Therapy takes place, lasting 2 hours, at 1100 meters in the heart of the mountain, where the watchwords are stillness, relaxation and regeneration. The event is always dedicated to well-being Breathe life, with meeting point at the visitor center of the natural park in Casere: a guided hike to the “Wieser Werfer” biotope, where you can experience Kneipp applications with cold water, go for barefoot walks, ice baths and breathing exercises at high altitudes; there are several other moments of relaxation to be discovered in the context of this series of events. Also recommended for these activities is comfortable clothing suitable for the mountains, as well as a pillow and a towel.

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Less stress, more quality of life through breathing

Living these experiences, surrounded by unspoiled nature like that of the Valle Aurina holiday area, has no equal. Find greater self-awareness, reduce stress and anxiety, be able to have a greater ability to concentrate and increase the quality of life in generalbreathing deeply, improving health and that of children, breathing allergen-free air, all this is the goal of the MindfulMountainDays and Aria Pura events – the weeks of breath which can be booked on the website

In Valle Aurina, the pleasure of breathing is rediscovered

The Valle Aurina holiday area is proving to be increasingly green and sustainable with the Holidaypass initiative, an advantage card reserved for guests of participating establishments and which entitles you to free use of all public transport in South Tyrol as a scheduled bus , ski buses, regional trains and various lifts.

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