Panic attacks typically come on very quickly. Unlike other types of anxiety symptoms, panic attacks can seem to bubble up almost instantaneously and without warning (via Mayo Clinic). They can occur while engaging in an activity such as working or driving your vehicle, or during periods of seeming relaxation, such as while watching television or socializing with friends. Physiological symptoms can include a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, sweating, or a sensation of detachment or unreality. Individuals typically experience symptoms of a panic attack for around 10 minutes before they begin to fade, according to Medical News Today. But is it possible to have a panic attack when your body is at rest? The short answer is yes. They are called nocturnal panic attacks, and like their daytime counterparts, they may not have a clear trigger (via Shape). However, there is a suspected link between increased stress and nocturnal panic attacks.

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