5 apps to be more resilient and strategies to overcome adversity

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Coach.me app:

It is a free app for goal-setting, uniquely created to guide users in building and sustaining positive habits.

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Mindful USC app:

This app is a one-stop solution as it focuses on various topics like managing difficulties, settling overwhelming thoughts, contrate better and more.

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Lantern app:

It offers one-on-one coaching sessions and simple exercises that focus on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It provides classes from experts and offers personalized services.

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Happify app:

This app offers small activities that make you aware of your feelings and help improve them. The goal of the app is to boost confidence, self-worth, and stress management.

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Breathing Zone app:

It provides breathing exercises during stressful environments and helps you calm down and be mindful. Now check some strategies too.

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You gain the ability to respond to life’s adversities with greater power, insight, and robustness by overcoming adversity and cultivating resilience. Tap to know the top strategies to develop resilience.

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Encourage optimism:

Having a positive mindset makes a difference in how you view challenges. It encourages hope and generates confidence.

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Prioritize self-care:

Your physical health directly impacts your mental health, therefore, make sure you get a good amount of sleep, have a balanced diet and exercise.  

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Develop emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence enables you better manage your emotions and understand the situation calmly. Such a mindset enables you to overcome and face your challenges.

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