Maryland Systema is a multiple award-winning martial arts school offering transformative self-defense, wellness and fitness programs to students on the east coast, through innovative group classes, seminars, and personalized private lessons.


Systema, a Russian martial art with roots dating back to the 10th century, has evolved from a captivating blend of ancient combat techniques and modern adaptations. Originally, the art was practiced by the warrior class, known as the Bogatyr, who guarded the Russian borders from foreign invasions. These fearless warriors honed their skills through relentless training in rugged terrains and harsh weather conditions, giving rise to Systema’s unique emphasis on adaptability and resourcefulness.

In the 20th century, Systema was adopted by the Soviet Red Army and their elite special forces unit, the Spetsnaz. They further refined the art by incorporating principles of biomechanics, psychology, and unconventional tactics. Interestingly, during the Soviet era, Systema’s existence remained a closely guarded secret, hidden from the public eye.

Today, Systema has transcended its military origins and is now accessible to civilians worldwide. The martial art focuses on developing a holistic understanding of one’s body, breath control, and fluid movements, promoting self-awareness and self-defense skills. With Systema, the practitioner’s journey is a continuous exploration of the human body’s untapped potential and a pursuit of harmony between the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.


Discover Systema, a unique martial art that empowers you to defend yourself effectively. Rooted in Russian military training, Systema emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and natural movements, transcending traditional techniques. Unleash your body's innate potential, and experience a martial art that evolves with you, for unparalleled self-defense mastery.


Immerse yourself in Systema, a martial art that prioritizes health through stress reduction, breathing, and de-escalation. Build resilience and harmony by mastering breath control and natural movement. Systema's holistic approach fosters mental clarity and emotional balance, paving the way for a healthier, more centered life.


Experience Systema, a martial art that enhances mobility, balance, and coordination. Through adaptive movements and fluid techniques, Systema training optimizes your body's natural capabilities, resulting in seamless motion. Unlock a newfound freedom in movement, and explore the extraordinary potential of your physicality with Systema.


You will learn practical self-defense skills: While Systema is not solely focused on self-defense, it does provide students with practical and effective techniques for personal protection. You will learn to defend against a variety of attacks and threats, including strikes, grabs, and weapons, enabling you to feel more confident and secure in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Learn to breathe effectively under stress: Proper breathing is a cornerstone of Systema, as it helps to control stress and maintain calmness in high-pressure situations. You will be taught various breathing techniques that enable you to remain focused, relaxed, and efficient, even in the face of physical or emotional challenges.

Learn to move fluidly and naturally: Systema emphasizes the importance of efficient, unrestricted movement. As a student, you will be trained to understand and leverage your body’s natural movements, leading to improved balance, coordination, and agility in everyday life and in self-defense situations.


Our classes are open to adults and no prior experience is needed. Please wear comfortable closes including long pants or trousers.

We train in the The Dance Exchange. Our studio is Studio 3, the closest one to the front door and there is plenty of free parking at and surrounding this building.

Limited class size, please text Jim at: 301 326 9146 to confirm your attendance as class size is limited.

We look forward to meeting you!

Jim Eglin

Founder and Chief Instructor

Maryland Systema

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