Harry Houdini, was known to be the iconic American escape artist, magic man, and stunt performer, who captivated audiences with his incredible feats of escape and illusion during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

How did Harry Houdini hold his breath for 90 minutes?

Among Houdini’s extraordinary abilities was his legendary endurance in holding his breath.

Houdini did possess exceptional lung capacity and trained extensively to enhance his physical abilities. He dedicated countless hours to practicing underwater escapes and developing his respiratory control.

Through meticulous training and disciplined breathing techniques, Houdini honed his ability to hold his breath for remarkable durations.

Also back in the day, Houdini employed various tricks and techniques to create illusions and misdirect his audience, adding an extra layer of mystery to his performances. These illusions may have given the impression that he was holding his breath for an extended period, but they were ultimately part of his masterful showmanship.

According to the book, “Harry Houdini: Death-Defying Showman,” Rita Thievon Mullin sheds light on Houdini’s intensive preparation for his underwater feats.

According to the author, the magician who died at 32 years would spend weeks practicing and refining his breathing techniques, striving to regulate his breath and maximize oxygen conservation.

His main objective was to extend his endurance within the confines of an airtight container.

To achieve this, Houdini adopted a working approach. He trained himself to take shallow breaths, minimizing oxygen consumption while maintaining control over his respiration. This hard training allowed him to manipulate his breathing patterns and adapt to challenging situations.


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