Paras Chhabra is leaving no stone unturned to shed the extra kilos he had gained recently. Paras shared in an interview with us at the start of this year that he is trying really hard to shed the extra kilos he has gained because of his anxiety issues.Apparently, the actor had also lost out on a lot of projects because of his weight gain. "I had to refuse a lot of offers for TV shows because of my weight issues. But now I am on the road to fitness. I was 125 kgs a few months back, which is way beyond my normal weight. I had developed breathing and blood pressure issues. At that time I couldn't even exercise much. But slowly I have managed to build my stamina with the help of my trainer," says Paras, adding, "I am 108 kgs at the moment. My weight gain was not that visible because I am beyond 6ft in height. But I could feel that I am slowly becoming obese. Though I have always been in the bracket of 90kgs because of heavy bones, this time too I plan to reach the same weight. Being a typical Punjabi I have never been very lean and thin as I am a complete foodie. But my weight in 90s has been quite healthy for me. Soon I will reach my target."
And soon, Paras says he will be back on screen. "I have a couple of offers, which include three offers for TV shows and two for the web. But what I am most excited about is the offer where I will get to host a show. Keeping my fingers crossed for that project," he shared.
However, the Bigg Boss 13 fame actor is feeling quite happy and relieved these days too. Reason? Well, it is because Salman Khan, who hosts Bigg Boss, recently spoke about their fight on season 13. Salman in an interview recently talked about how he regretted getting angry with Paras during his season. "I am really happy that Salman sir, whom I love so much, has come out in the open and talked about our rift on Bigg Boss 13," says Paras, adding, "I have always looked upto Salman sir and never wanted that fight to have happened in the first place. Even though I participated in the later season of Bigg Boss, where as a host Salman sir was really sweet and kind to me, to get a confirmation that there is nothing against me that he has is a big relief. Salman sir really has a big heart and he doesn't keep grudges against anyone. At that time too, when the fight had happened, it wasn't intentional. It just happened. But now bygones are bygones."

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