What's better- Cardio Vs Weights
What’s better- Cardio Vs Weights

 The weight training, resistance training, or whatever other term you prefer for lifting weights is an anaerobic activity. It includes lifting free weights like  dumbbells, barbells,  and kettlebells or using the  weight machines. Anaerobic exercises break down glucose for  the energy, without relying on oxygen like cardio does. More energy is used in a short amount of time. On the otherside, Cardio is an aerobic activity, which means it uses the oxygen to increase breathing and heart rate. Running is often most polarizing of cardio bunch, but any activity that makes you breathe faster and increases your heart rate counts.


Why join team cardio?

·         Improved heart health 

When you do any cardio workout, your heart rate goes up and you start breathing faster as your body tries to get more oxygen for  the blood.

·         Faster weight loss

Compared to weight training and workouts involving both the cardio and strength, just plain cardio is the queen of burning fat and faster weight loss.Cardio reduces fat and body mass.

Why join team weights?

·         Gains on gains

Weight training still burns the  calories, but it’s really good for building  the muscle.

·         Burn calories all day

While a cardio workout will help  the people burn more calories during a sweat sesh, strength training helps you keep burning the calories throughout the day.  The muscle helps the  body to  burn more calories when at rest than fat does.

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