Breathing Exercises: We know that Diwali 2023 is far away right now, but we have to prepare for it now. Our lungs need training to withstand the pollution many cities around Delhi-NCR and all over India witness. 

The seasonal changes, harmful pollutants, and burning of crackers around the festive season can compromise our immunity by making our lungs weak. However, exercises and yoga can help to strengthen our organs and build immunity in the body to fight against pollution.

breathing exercises to fight pollution

We connected with Digvijay Singh, certified personal trainer and master yoga teacher, to bring you three breathing exercises and yoga poses that can immensely benefit your lungs. “Yoga asanas and breathing exercises can enhance the capabilities of the lungs,” said the expert. 

Anulom Vilom: Improves Cardiovascular Health

anulom vilom for cardiovascular health

Anulom Vilom is a pranayama in which you use your thumb and index finger to guide your breathing. You sit with crossed legs and a straight spine. Keep one hand on your knees, use the thumb of the other hand to press one nostril, and inhale.

Now take your index finger to press the other nostril and exhale from the other side. The exercise is good for kids, adults, and elders. It will not only strengthen your lungs but also help to reduce stress, improve breathing, and help to make your cardiovascular functions better. 

Kapalbhati: Reduces Stress

kapalbhati to reduce stress

Kapalbhati is believed to restore balance in your body and helps to flush out toxins. You sit straight and inhale normally. The twist in this exercise is you exhale rapidly making your stomach going inside and coming out frequently.

Since you will be breathing a little faster during this exercise, hissing sound is normal. It is associated with reducing stress, energising your brain, improving circulation of blood, making kidney and liver function better, and stimulating internal organs. 

Bhastrika: Relieves Sinus And Bronchitis

bhastrika relieves sinus

In Bhastrika, you have to first sit with your knees bent and feet touching your hips. Keep your back straight, make fists, and keep your hands on your shoulders. As you inhale, take your hands up while opening your fist.

When you exhale forcefully, you will bring down your hands on your shoulders, and make fists. This exercise improves awareness of your surroundings and helps to find relief from bronchitis, sinus, and other respiratory issues. 

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose): Strengthen Sexual Organs

vajra asana strengthens sexual organs

To ace vajrasana, you have to get down on your knees and hands. Slowly retrieve into the sitting posture with your feet brought closer and knees bent. You will be sitting on your feet with your straight spine.

Put your hands on your thighs and practise inhaling and exhaling slowly. It is good for your lungs, knee pain, ankle pain, and back pain. It can be a relaxing exercise if you suffer from acidity and gas frequently. Apart from many benefits, the asana treats urinary problems and strengthens sexual organs.

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Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): Tones Abdomen And Expands Chest

cobra pose tones abdomen

Bhujangasana or cobra pose is a stretching exercise in which you lay down, pull your abdomen up, and stretch your neck backwards. It is one of the poses in Surya Namaskar. 

The benefits of performing cobra pose include reduction in fatigue, improvement of breathing and flexibility, toned abdomen, and expanded chest. It is particularly advised for people with respiratory issues like asthma. 

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Ustrasana (Camel Pose): Helps With Constipation And Open Pelvic Muscles

camel pose relieves constipation

Ustrasana or camel pose requires flexibility. Therefore, you should try it every day, and you will be able to ace it in a few days. You have to sit on your knees, bend backwards, and touch your heel with your fingers.

You need to hold this pose for a few minutes before returning to the relaxed position. It improves blood circulation, opens the pelvic area, tones thighs, hips, and glutes, stretches the upper body, improves energy flow in the body, and helps to get rid of constipation.

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