Water has long been noted for its restorative and rejuvenation properties. It can draw people in, which is why most popular vacation spots have bodies of water for people to enjoy. It's rare to find a hotel that doesn't offer a pool or spa to its guests because swimming is so ingrained in us as a way to relax and have fun.

There are a few studies that show us how invigorating swimming is to our bodies and minds. Immersing yourself in a pool puts you in a meditative state that is the opposite of a stressed state. Your heart rate and breathing rate slow down when you go into the water on vacation. The only caveat is that you cannot be on an electronic device while you're swimming because it will negate the positive influences of the water.

Pools are a big investment for a homeowner and most people just don't have the cash available to pay for one upfront. Pool financing companies can help to fulfill your pool plans so that you can feel like you're on vacation every day. The benefits of swimming while on vacation include not just physical regeneration, but mental benefits as well.

Skin and Hair Health

Saltwater is considered to be superior to chlorine water because the salt is less harsh on our skin and respiratory systems. Saltwater pools are increasingly popular on cruise ships and at hotels because people love the slippery feel over the harsher feel of chlorinated water. It doesn't dry out your skin or change the color of your hair, unlike a regular chlorinated pool. Saltwater also has much less of a smell than chlorine pools.

After spending some hours outdoors in a chlorinated pool, you might find that your hair has changed color or even turned green or coppery. Chlorine strips out the hair dye, as well. Saltwater doesn't affect hair in the same way; it actually softens and hydrates it.

Breathing Improvement

Saltwater doesn't cause asthma attacks in those susceptible to it. Unlike chlorine pools, saltwater pools have very little odor and don't harm the lungs of someone who is easily triggered by strange scents and chemicals. Indoor pools in particular are irritating to our eyes, lungs and sinuses due to the mixture of ammonia and chlorine.

Pain Improvement

People with arthritis find that saltwater pools improve their pain due to the addition of bromide, which is known to reduce inflammation. The lack of weight-bearing in the water means that you can exercise without the risk of stressing joints and muscles. Pregnant women can also enjoy swimming on vacation without the risk of overheating or hurting joints.

Mental Health

Swimming while on vacation releases serotonin and endorphins that make us feel relaxed and happy. We automatically deepen our breaths while swimming, which slows down blood pressure and heart rate. Leisurely swimming also increases the brain's blood flow.

In the book Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, studies show that water promotes good health and may be useful for reducing anxiety, PTSD and autistic behaviors. Our bodies are 70 percent water and it's natural to assume that we feel at home immersed in water.

A saltwater pool reminds us of swimming in the ocean, even though a man made pool contains ten times less salt. It still retains many of the best properties of a natural body of water. A saltwater pool is a bigger investment upfront than a chlorine pool, but ongoing maintenance is very simple. All of the benefits of swimming on vacation carry over when you have your own backyard pool that you can use daily. 

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