US President Joe Biden’s physician said on Sunday that the president’s health is improving dramatically and that his main symptom now is a sore throat.

Doctor Kevin O’Connor added that Biden’s cough and body aches have decreased since he was diagnosed with the Corona virus on Thursday, and that he does not suffer from any shortness of breath.

And he continued in a note issued today, Sunday, “Everything is normal with him, his pulse, blood pressure, breathing rate and temperature. The predominant symptom he has now is a sore throat… His voice is still a little deep.”

Ashish Jha, the coordinator of efforts to combat Covid-19 in the White House, had said earlier today, Sunday, that none of the president’s close contacts, who were 17, had tested positive for the Corona virus.

According to the White House, Biden, 79, has only mild symptoms. The confirmation of his infection with the disease came with the spread of a highly contagious strain of the Corona virus in the United States, which started a new wave of the outbreak.

Jha told ABC News that Biden likely has the BA5 mutant and that he has a mild upper respiratory infection.

The White House confirmed Biden’s ability to work while ill. On Thursday, the White House released a video of Biden assuring the American people that he is fine, and on Friday, he participated in online meetings with White House staff.

The White House did not disclose the source of the infection that Biden picked up.

Biden’s diagnosis is the latest challenge he faces amid threats to his political agenda in Congress and rising inflation that puts Democrats at risk of losing control of Congress in the November midterm elections.


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