More than one billion people in this world are suffering from hypertension and blood pressure. In fact, it is one of the most common health disorders. Hypertension is a lifestyle disorder that can be treated and the person suffering from it can be rehabilitated. But certain steps need to be taken to contain the side effects of hypertension.

Hypertension, also called as high blood pressure, it is a familiar condition that affects the body’s arteries. If a person has high blood pressure, the force of the blood thrusting against the artery walls is invariably too high as a result heart works harder to pump blood.
One can have high blood pressure for years without any signs. Most people with hypertension or high blood pressure have no symptoms, even if blood pressure readings reach dangerously at high levels.
Showing symptoms very few people with high blood pressure may have:
·        Headaches
·        Shortness of breath
·        Nosebleeds
However, these symptoms aren’t specific. They many times don’t appear until high blood pressure has reached a severe or life-threatening phase.

Modern science has different medicines to cure hypertension, but ayurveda has its own ways to cure it naturally and effectively. According to Dr Hem Raj Gautam former District Ayurvedic officer Himachal Pradesh Ayurveda has its long-term effects in curing hypertension and the ways by which hypertension is cured is totally natural and has no side effects on persons health here are some of the methods by which it can be cured with the help of ayurveda.

Right exercise
Among the group of exercises, first comes walking. A person should know how to walk and when to walk.
Walking could be done before eating food. This walking should be slow which means not to allow your breath to get faster, breathlessness should be avoided during this type of walking. 45 minutes of walking in the morning and in the evening with other relaxation exercises live Yastikasana, Bhadrasana, Hastpadangushtasana, etc. These exercises are good relaxing asanas that could help reduce symptoms of hypertension and make your system free from many diseases.
The best way to overcome hypertension is Pranayama. Pranayama can be done early in the morning. It can exhilarate your body throughout the day and release all types of stress and make you feel light.
Pranayama is a science of breathing technique in yoga which is proven to reduce high blood pressure which ultimately leads to hypertension. Excess of stress is relieved with the help of proper practice of Pranayam every day.
Right food
Food is another major factor that affects the blood pressure that ultimately leads to hypertension. Intake of the right food by itself acts as the best medicine. Avoiding foods which are high in salt and sugar and food material having abundance of saturated fat like Fried stuff, spicy food and too much of sweet food can lead to hypertension.

According to Sushruta Samhita, the food that is balanced with five major food tastes (salty, sugary, bitter, sour and astringent) is the best type of food that can help in overall body health.
Eating food at the right time with all clean and green material helps in reducing hypertension. Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating spicy food, and eating non-veg food can lead to hypertension according to ayurveda.

Right emotions
Every disorder finds its route in mind. Yoga and ayurveda say that the root cause of every disorder is an unhealthy mind. Primarily, high blood pressure and hypertension which are interrelated to each other is a psychosomatic disorder. In a patient of hypertension the intensity of emotions are much higher, like aggressive behaviour is usually seen in the patients of this disease anxiety, stress is the main symptoms of hypertension, etc. checking the emotions and staying calm Can help hypertension patients with stress and anxiety. To have control on the emotions can be achieved by meditation.

Ayurvedic medicines
In India, natural therapies and ayurveda go hand-in-hand to cure many diseases. Different Ayurvedic medicines have been used to cure hypertension in our country since ancient times. According to Dr Gautam extracts of Arjun Chaal, Moringa leaves and Giloy (herbaceous, glabrous climbing vine of deciduous origin) is given to Hypertension patients which have sure shot results in lowering blood pressure and cleaning out toxins from the body. It does not have any side-effects and also has many benefits to other parts of the body.

Hypertension is a serious issue and taking it lightly can lead to bigger problems like high blood pressure for a long time, malfunctioning of liver and kidneys and sometimes heart disorders which are sometimes fatal. So changing the lifestyle and indulging in practices like yoga and meditation can make you free of this lethal disease.

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