The popular technology company KIESLECT is opening an innovative smart watch, the KIESLECT Ks Pro model, in the near future. This device is suitable for students, students and organizations. They’re full of functionality, modern technology and attractive appearance, thus having ease of use. The watch, which is celebrating the eighth birthday of KIESLET, will be on sale on June 12 at a reduced price. Until June 18, it will be $95, and the code KIESKSPRO will save another $10.

The smartwatch segment has revolutionized.

The KIESLECT Ks Pro watch has a 2.01-inch aMOLED screen. This screen size is 410 x 520, which lets you easily see the content posted on it. A high quality picture helps you to see a quality picture with your health indicators, heart rate, and a simple asymmetric design.

The watch is run by the KIES 2.0 operating system, which means a smooth and fast user interface. By being integrated with this system and applications, you can get personal data swiftly entered and track heart rate, breathing, stress and sleep. All that can help you detect possible causes of illness early.

A heart rate abnormal alerts you.

KIESLECT Ks Pro support high speed heart rate monitoring. You can set your heart rate in order to keep reading all over the limit. This will allow you to take action in advance, to prevent accidental amputations such as atrial fibrillation.

100 activity modes and IP68 water resistance for active lifestyles.

KIESLECT Ks Pro are an excellent choice for sports lovers. This watch has 100 sports modes, including running, cycling, yoga and swimming. You’ll find a record of your achievements on these modes. Be it exercise in the gym or outdoors, the watch can tell how much time it takes to workout, calories burned, heart rate, and the effects of your workout.

Watches show active lifestyle. This is because of IP68 moisture protection so you can wash your hands on the watch. Don’t be afraid of going in and on, so it’s very difficult. Roughly and reliable, Ks Pro watches will overcome any obstacle with you.

Bluetooth 5,2 makes it easy to use high quality connection.

It is important that people stay connected on the road. KIESLECT Ks Pro supports calls with high-definition sound thanks to a wireless connection called Bluetooth 5.2. Do you want to go outside and cook dinner? Whether you go out with jogging, swiping, or in the kitchen, you can answer or reject calls. You won’t forget the calls you need.

The ability to change the buckles and an attractive appearance, which enables them to make the most of their attractive appearance.

The Ks Pro is made of stainless steel with high-quality workmanship and a hard-wearing sapphire crystal coating that gives an elegant look. You can choose two interchangeable straps for your taste.

You’re able to turn off your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Ks Pro allows you to make the interface of yourself by changing the display of themes, backgrounds and widgets.

There are a number of practical features to improve productivity and convenience of the clock. With split screen screen for multitasking and The option to find lost devices, games, voice-reasonance to text messages and smart notifications, with the ability to skip only the most important ones.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a watch at a low price.

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