One of the stars of the remembered series Beverly Hills 90210, Tori Spellinglives a delicate moment of health: she had to be hospitalized due to respiratory difficulties and it is not clear the picture that suffers.

The information emerged from a post that the actress made from the hospital. Spelling took a selfie from the bed in the room and published it to their networks. “Here I am in the hospital since last night,” she wrote.

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What happened to Tori Spelling, from “Beverly Hills 90210″

The actress suffered strange dizziness and breathing difficulties, for which she was hospitalized. In the post that she uploaded to her networks, Spelling defended himself against criticism from those who believed he was lying. “To everyone who set me on fire when told she was too sick to work well here I am,” she wrote, alongside the image from her bed.

Then, he expanded: “How about next time they take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubt? Remember, for people like me, NOT working is a nightmare. I’m a go-getter and a workaholic. I always choose to work, ”she finished.

Tori Spelling shared a photo from the hospital.  (Photo: Instagram/torispelling)
Tori Spelling shared a photo from the hospital. (Photo: Instagram/torispelling)

As to what happens to him, it is not at all clear. The actress said that doctors they are doing different types of studies to determine what is wrong. “I had shortness of breath, high blood pressure, and weird dizziness,” she listed.

Spelling commented that all he wants is to get home to be with his family. The actress is the mother of five: Beau5, Finn10, Liam15 and daughters Hattie11, y Stella14, whom he shares with Dean McDermott.

Spelling’s health problem occurred a week after her youngest son, Beau, fell ill for the second time this month. “The poor thing was out of school for three weeks because he was sick,” the actress wrote on her networks. “He finally got over it and went back to school all last week and boom, now I’m sick!” the ’90s star exclaimed.

The original cast of Beverly Hills 90210. (Photo: CBS)
The original cast of Beverly Hills 90210. (Photo: CBS)

The symptoms that the baby had are similar to those that she is suffering, so they do not rule out that everyone in your family could have been infected with a virus.

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Tori Spelling joined the cast of the series Beverly Hills 90210one of the most successful fictions of the 90s worldwide, which showed the life of a group of young people from a privileged economic position.

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