Effective Prevention Against Hypertension
7 Effective Measures Against Hypertension

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Alper Özkan explained 7 effective measures against hypertension and made important warnings and suggestions.

Saying that salt consumption should be limited, Prof. Dr. Alper Özkan, “According to the World Health Organization; Daily salt consumption should not exceed 5 grams, that is, 1 teaspoon. According to scientific studies; In patients with hypertension diagnosed at an early stage, a reduction of approximately 10 units in blood pressure can be achieved by reducing salt alone. That's almost equal to the effect of a mild drug! However, as long as your doctor advises you to use the drug, do not stop the drug, "he said.

Emphasizing the need to pay attention to sugar and carbohydrate intake as much as salt consumption, Prof. Dr. Alper Özkan said, “While all kinds of excess carbohydrates, especially white bread, bakery products and sweets, cause weight gain, they cause hardening of the arteries and increase in blood pressure values. Fruit, fruit juice and alcohol, which are hidden sugar sources, can also increase blood sugar and negatively affect blood pressure. Fruit consumption should not exceed one serving per day, fruit juice and alcohol should be avoided. used the phrases.

Stating that regular exercise is essential to prevent hypertension, especially brisk and half-hour walks 3 days a week play a major role in controlling hypertension. Dr. Alper Özkan “Studies on the relationship between exercise and hypertension; It shows that sports such as cardio exercises, pilates and swimming have a very important effect on blood pressure control.

prof. Dr. Alper Özkan stated that in people with insufficient fluid intake, the amount of blood going to the kidneys and heart decreases over time, and blood pressure increases by shrinking the vessels. prof. Dr. Alper Ozkan said:

“You can find the amount of water you need to consume daily by multiplying your body weight by 30. For example; The amount of water (70×70=30 ml) that a 2100 kg person should consume daily corresponds to an average of 8-10 glasses. Tea, coffee or carbonated drinks do not replace water, but on the contrary, they cause fluid loss in the body due to both their diuretic effects and the low duration of stay in the veins.

prof. Dr. Alper Özkan stated that it is important to test in the sleep laboratory for people who have sleep apnea (temporary cessation of breathing during sleep) and whose blood pressure balance cannot be achieved.

Stating that mental health directly affects blood pressure and that it is necessary to learn to manage the stress caused by modern life, Prof. Dr. Alper Özkan warned, “Excessive stress makes it difficult to maintain effective blood pressure in many blood pressure patients.” In recent years, training on meditation and methods of coping with stress has gained importance in the treatment of hypertension.

With the idea that "once the drug is started, the drug must be taken for life", many patients avoid taking the drug and may discontinue the drug without the knowledge of their doctor. Emphasizing that this idea is not true, on the contrary, it can lead to vital problems, Prof. Dr. Alper Ozkan said:

“Blood pressure medications are like glasses and they work if we use them. When you let go, the effect will wear off. Each drug may not provide the same benefit in every patient, or there may be side effects. Blood pressure medications should be adjusted by taking into account some characteristics of the patient, just as a tailor sews a tailored suit. You can find the most suitable blood pressure medication for you by discussing all kinds of effects and side effects with your doctor.

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