Pregnancy Exercises: Breathing techniques can help ease out the pregnancy journey and enhance the experience for new moms-to-be.

5 Pregnancy Exercises, And Why Learning Breathing Techniques is Important For Expecting Moms
5 Pregnancy Exercises, And Why Learning Breathing Techniques is Important For Expecting Moms (Freepik)

Breathing is the most important process in every human being, and it is important to follow certain techniques when it comes to pregnant women. Following different techniques of breathing can help in calming and maintaining a pleasant environment for both the mother and the foetus, therefore ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Concentrating on breathing can free the mind and get rid of distractions, relaxes the body and can in turn improve changes in the heart and blood pressure which relaxes all the muscles in the body.

How do Breathing Techniques help in Pregnancy?

During labor there might be obstacles that women face, breathing is a way to tackle those obstacles and helps in getting back into a good state of mind. Sharing exclusively with, Dr. B. Girija Reddy, Physiotherapist, Obstetrician, Apollo Cradle and Children’s Hospital, Marathahali, Bangalore said that breathing techniques can help in avoiding anxiety, stress, and depression which is a serious health concern among pregnant women.

Let’s look at a few breathing techniques that can help a woman get through the pregnancy in a smooth manner.

5 Breathing Techniques During Pregnancy

Taking a deep breath and relaxing the body will help the mother to focus and also helps in bringing up more oxygen levels for the baby. Dr Reddy shared 5 important breathing techniques that can

1. Relax and Rhythmic Breathing: Rhythmic breathing helps calm the mind and this breathing technique is done by following a rhythmic pattern of breathing and taking regular intervals of breath. This helps in maintaining the physical, and mental health of the body.

2. Counted Breathing: Counting breaths help in reducing heart rate and blood pressure and it helps in relaxing the body. Counted breathing is a process where the breaths are counted, this process is repeated for a couple of minutes till the body feels relaxed. Counted breathing is effective as it purifies the mind and controls the muscles.

3. Mouth Breathing: Breathing through the mouth and nose relaxes the body. Firstly sitting in a comfortable position and breathing through the mouth, holding it for a few seconds, and then breathing out makes this process more effective. This process is repeated a couple of times for having the best results.

4. Deep Abdominal Breathing: This is an effective method as it removes all distractions and reduces anxiety, stress, and pain in the body. This breathing technique is performed during labor and it helps in the oxygen supply for the baby and the mother. This is a normal technique of breathing.

5. Lamaze Breathing: This technique helps in releasing physical pain from the body. During labor, contractions occur which makes the body increase the pain as well as difficulty in breathing. Sometimes there occurs shortness of breath, which makes it difficult in breathing. This technique helps in controlling breathing and reduces the pain in the body.

Breathing techniques are indeed a guide for pregnant women as it plays an important role during pregnancy and also during labor. It not only helps in keeping the body and mind relaxed but also reduces stress and helps women in having a safe and relaxed pregnancy and delivery. Although there might be various distractions during labor, avoiding all those distractions and concentrating on breathing exercises helps women to have a peaceful mind.

Following these techniques can be a great way of changing women’s pregnancy to a stress-free and peaceful journey.
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Published Date: April 27, 2023 1:32 PM IST

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