Troubled by cough and fever, if the cough is not going away, be careful! Avoid taking this medicine, IMA issued alert

The IMA said that whenever antibiotics are actually used, they will not work because of resistance. The medical association advised avoiding crowded places, good hand and respiratory hygiene practices, as well as getting a flu vaccination.

Professor Harshal R., Center for Community Medicine, AIIMS. Salve said that the outbreak of flu virus is increasing due to climatic conditions. “Serological surveillance through mechanisms set up by the government in the public health system is essential to determine the serotype of the virus and its endemicity,” Salve told IANS.

Doctors at Primus Hospital in Chanakyapuri said that asthma patients and those with severe lung infection are having difficulty in breathing. Doctors said that the elderly, children and pregnant women are at the highest risk of getting infected. Hence, they should be extra careful while stepping out.

“Patients with chronic diseases like asthma have to be extra cautious during such weather changes, as it can lead to severe respiratory problems and increased asthma attacks,” Chhabra said.


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