Second=hand smoke depriving cancer fighter a chance to enjoy fresh air

My sister is a cancer fighter. Having had bouts over the past two decades she remains strong and positive.

Both our mother and father died of cancer, as did our grandparents. She also battles with deep asthma, coughing uncontrollably.

Breathing fresh Napanee air at her townhouse is one of the simple pleasures as the weather warms and windows and doors can be open.

Tormenting though is the immediate neighbours who spend most of their days sitting either  on their front or back lawn chain smoking, 3 meters from the windows. Of course they do not smoke inside their own home. The normal wind patterns bring the smoke directly into my sister’s home. Sister has to close her windows and suffer the heat (no air conditioning), just to avoid breathing in second-hand smoke that we all know to be carcinogenic.
I understand that each homeowner should be able to relax on their property. I also know that a homeowner cannot, by their practices, endanger the neighbours. Also, at public places smoking is banned within so many meters of entrances.

Can nothing be done to assure that we do not have to breath in the carcinogenic smoke from neighbours, and permit us to enjoy clean fresh outdoor air at home?

David Taylor

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