Permanent solution to Asthma with these vitamins
Permanent solution to Asthma with these vitamins

Important chronic diseases include high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory diseases and asthma. There is no perfect treatment for anything. It can be controlled if you use medicines from time to time. But if you take some precautions, you can not only control asthma, but you can get rid of the inhaler that is used for the same purpose. 

As high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol are prevalent in the modern lifestyle, so is the threat of asthma. Asthma is an incurable disease. Once infected, you have to take medicine for life. An inhaler should be taken. But if some precautions are followed, asthma can be completely controlled. All you need to do is make some changes in your diet. Let’s know the details..


Strawberry fruits are great for asthma patients. Because the abundant vitamin C in it keeps the lungs safe. Strawberry fruits must be included in the diet to avoid asthma problems. Strawberries work wonders in controlling asthma. Weight can also be reduced. Consuming strawberry fruits in morning breakfast has good results.

Apple a day keep Dr. Away said. This caption is just as apt for asthma as for anything else. Eat at least one apple a day to reduce asthma symptoms and stay healthy. Apple is so amazing. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E in large amounts. 

And among citrus fruits, orange works wonderfully for asthma patients. The large amount of vitamin C in it protects the lungs from infection. Eating an orange daily can easily control asthma

Along with these changes in diet, asthma patients  should do breathing exercise for at least 15 minutes every morning or evening or both. 


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