New Covid variant symptoms: Even though the threat of Covid-19 has declined, new variants continue to arise. The newer variants, however, are said to be less severe.

New Covid strain EG.5 - also known as Eris - has been identified in numerous countries, including China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Canada, as well as Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, and Spain. While experts say there's no need to fear, the new Omicron strain isn't any more dangerous than the old ones and poses no serious threat.

Nonetheless, the WHO has identified EG.5 as a variant of interest, implying that it will be observed for mutations.

Eris spreads quickly and possesses immune-evading abilities, but symptoms are often mild and similar to previous Omicron strains. According to experts, EG.5 may become the prevalent strain in various regions in the next weeks.

Here's a list of Eris symptoms people should be aware of:

1. Fever: A fever is often one of the first symptoms. It can be identified by a body temperature above 100.4°F (38°C).

2. Cough: Another common symptom is a persistent dry cough. It could be continuous or intermittent.

3. Shortness of breath: Some people may have difficulty breathing or experience shortness of breath, especially during physical activity or exercise.

4. Fatigue: Feeling notably fatigued or lacking energy is a common symptom. Even with adequate rest, it may continue.

5. Muscle or body aches: Muscle and body aches are common symptoms of myalgia. This might range from minor to severe aches.

6. Sore throat: A sore throat can cause pain, irritation, or scratchiness in the throat.

7. Nasal congestion or a runny nose: While less common, some people may have nasal congestion or a runny nose, similar to a minor cold.

8. Headache: For many infections, including COVID-19, a headache is a typical symptom. It is caused by inflammation of the brain and nerve lining.

9. Malaise: Malaise is defined as a general feeling of being unwell. It is common to feel fatigued, weak, or run down.

10. Smell loss: Damage to the cells in the nose responsible for detecting odours causes it.

11. Diarrhea is caused by inflammation of the intestinal lining.

12. Abdominal discomfort

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