A woman in New Brunswick suffered from what she calls a serious breathing problem about six weeks after being infected with COVID-19 and is now affecting every aspect of her life.

Just before the long Easter weekend, Ramanda Green woke up with a strange sensation in her throat.

“It took almost a day, and my husband just told me to take a test to clean my mind. I took the test, and it was instantly positive.” Said Green.

“Within a few hours, I really started to get tired,” she said, adding that she slept at her home in St. John early that night.

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The next day she said she woke up with “almost every symptom you could think of.”

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The illness lasted four to five days, but it wasn’t the only one.

“I have never had symptoms in the last 6 weeks.”

Green has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and received a booster shot in February.

Still, coughing, turbidity, brain fog, and various breathing problems remain.

The 36-year-old was diagnosed with asthma before becoming infected with COVID-19 and is constantly vulnerable to colds and the flu. But she has never been ill for such a long time.

Green used puffer fish for asthma about once every two weeks before COVID-19. Currently she uses it 8 times a day.

“I honestly thought it wouldn’t be too bad if it was completely vaccinated,” she said.

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In the last 6 weeks she had to go to the hospital twice because of breathing problems.

“That was pretty bad. The day I went to the hospital, it seemed like I couldn’t keep my lungs air.”

Green had a young son and her illness was not easy for him either.

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“The biggest thing for him is that mom can’t play,” she said.

“I’m frustrated when a little kid is used to playing with someone and doesn’t know it. I can’t easily chase him, pick him up, or even carry him.

Green can be seen with her husband and son.


Green’s doctor advised her to be as relaxed as possible and not to over-exercise herself.

She also needs to reduce her work.

Green has been a beautician in St. John since 2009 and summer is usually her busiest season. But this time, instead of adding more slots, we need to save time.

“(It’s) a bit annoying, because this is where I make money,” she said. “It makes the struggle a little harder.”

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She and her husband have already talked about getting rid of one of their cars if needed, but Green said they should be able to slip through.

The client she has worked with for many years understands her situation, so she says her only concern at work is that she isn’t there for them as much as she used to.

“They all know how I feel about this, and I’m always doing my best to protect them, so when I bounce, they’re there prize.”

However, the worst part of a long COVID is how people who don’t know her situation perceive her.

“When I go out in public, it has the most impact on me, because I feel like it sounds contagious … as people are away from you, you sound scary. increase.”

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She said she believed she was able to prevent her illness.

“I’m very bitter about doing everything I can to stay healthy, and now I’m sick because some rules in my book were a little too early.”

Mr Green said he hopes the masking will last a little longer, especially at school.

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She said she wants people to understand how COVID-19 can affect some people.

“I know they won’t listen unless they’re affected like me.

“I’ve been told many times, but that’s why I’m sick because I have asthma so illness isn’t a problem. It’s not.”

Green wants people to stay safe and her symptoms quickly “sick”.

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