How Post-Covid Dyspnea relates to Sleep
How Post-Covid Dyspnea relates to Sleep

Post-Covid, health conditions have changed a lot. Even after contracting and recovering from Covid, many health conditions can still occur. Many consequences of covid are still being reported. Chronic covid is a condition in which persistent symptoms persist despite recovery from covid infection. New studies show a link between breathing problems caused by Covid and disturbed sleep cycles.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath during the day after covid, you need to check if you are not sleeping properly. Researchers have found a link between disturbed sleep patterns and breathing problems in hospitalized patients with Covid-19. The study, published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, clarifies the link between the two post-Covid symptoms.


“Study finds that sleep disturbance may contribute to post-Covid dyspnoea. According to the study, 62 % of covid patients had sleep disturbances that persisted for at least 12 months. People admitted to hospital with Covid slept more than an hour longer, but their sleep patterns were not as good, University of Manchester clinical scientist Dr. John Blakely said.

Researchers have found that those who experience sleep problems are more likely to develop anxiety and muscle weakness. Lack of sleep can cause shortness of breath. Muscle activity decreases and anxiety increases. The researchers hypothesized that reducing the sleep problem in these patients could alleviate breathing problems by reducing anxiety and improving muscle strength. 


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