Here’s our weekly round-up of what illnesses are spreading the most in Metro Detroit communities, according to our local doctors and hospitals.

Wayne County – COVID, asthma flare-ups, seasonal allergies, mononucleosis, ear infections, bug bites and stings

Dr. Kevin Dazy -- Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

“I don’t want to alarm people, but we’re seeing a little more COVID in the community – definitely in the adults. The kids don’t generally get hospitalized with it. With this new contagious variant, I’m concerned that we’re going to see an uptick. The kids may not have any symptoms, but they can be carriers to adults who may have co-morbidities.   We’re seeing some more kids with asthma issues right now. We always see it this time of year, like in the Spring, same thing in the Fall. It’s kind of two-fold: the mixing of kids getting back together, they’re going to get viral infections that sets off their asthma. And some kids just don’t do well with weather change. Like this morning, it’s 40 degrees, then it’s going to be 90. Also, it’s not as much as Spring, but there are some Fall allergens that can trigger asthma. But it’s mainly back-to-school and the weather change. "

Dr. Glen Clark -- Emergency Center Chief, Corewell Health’s Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe

“We continue to see an uptick in COVID cases daily. Also, we have noted a number of community acquired pneumonia cases due to Legionella bacteria. In children, we have seen a few cases of mono in last few weeks as well.”

Dr. Jennifer Stevenson -- Emergency Department, Henry Ford Medical Center Fairlane

“We’re seeing a lot of headaches, vertigo, musculoskeletal pain associated with the fluctuations in temperature/atmospheric pressure. There’s been a ridiculous amount of strep throat infection in the community for the past year, also seeing the COVID-19 numbers on the rise.”

Dr. Jayna Gardner-Gray -- Emergency Department, Henry Ford Hospital Detroit

“We’re seeing some more allergic reactions including asthma and COPD with the weather change. Also, there have been some aggravation of joint pains with the cool mornings and evenings.”

Oakland County – COVID, sore throats, hand foot & mouth disease, asthma flare-ups, seasonal allergies, pink eye

Dr. Steven McGraw -- Chair of Emergency Medicine, Ascension Providence Hospital, Southfield Campus

“Please have everyone with bee sting allergies get a fresh EpiPen and have it handy. Bees are aggressive this summer. Ensure you are driving carefully as school is back in session and kids are excited to get back- some forget to look before crossing the street.”

Sarah Rauner, RN -- Chief pediatric nurse practitioner, Corewell Health’s Beaumont Hospital, Troy

“We are seeing some viral sore throats and fevers, such as hand, foot, and mouth disease in all ages. We’re also seeing some other viral upper respiratory illnesses with or without a fever. Additionally, there have been a number of persistent coughs with our reactive airway children caused by the weather changes. School is just getting back into full swing, so I’m sure we will see a change and increase in what’s going around very soon. Keep washing your hands and updating vaccines, and don’t send your children to school if they are sick.”

Emergency Department at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

“We are seeing a lot of abdominal pain and respiratory issues this week. "

Washtenaw County –  COVID, upper respiratory infections, stomach viruses, influenza

Dr. Marisa Louie -- Medical Director of Children’s Emergency Services, Michigan Medicine

“We are starting to see more patients with respiratory infections as everyone starts school. There is a little bit of influenza starting to trickle in, but mostly a mix of different viruses so far.”

Dr. Brad Uren -- Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Michigan Medicine

“A few cases of COVID this week. Some require admission.  Minimal other URIs. A few GI illnesses.”

Monroe County – Stomach pains, fall injuries, COVID, asthma flare-ups, seasonal allergies

Macomb County – COVID, seasonal allergies, strep throat, sore throats, hand foot and mouth disease

Dr. Brianne Waggoner -- Emergency physician at McLaren Macomb

“There has been a slight increase in the number of positive COVID-19 tests, with the majority of cases mild and not requiring hospitalization. Moving into ragweed season, allergy complications have increased for sufferers. Orthopedic and soft tissue injuries continue to be the most common reason patients are seeking care in the emergency and trauma center, many resulting from motorcycle accidents and other recreational activities.”

Dr. Maria Samuel -- Primary Care Physician, Henry Ford Medical Center Sterling Heights

“We are seeing COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Most are coming after family trips, gatherings, etc. Symptoms present as fever, chills, sore throat, cough, runny nose and body aches . Contacting your doctor for a virtual visit is advisable – especially if you are elderly or with chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, etc. Paxlovid is available for treatment within five days of symptoms.”

Livingston County --  Did not report this week

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