Breathing problems due to pigeons.. Increasing cases

Along with humans, the population of pigeons is also high in Hyderabad. Some parts of the city are hot spots for pigeons. Many people come there and give food to them and take pictures. Moreover, they are seen everywhere. Live in buildings. However, pulmonologists say that these may cause health problems. He said there is a possibility of pneumonitis or serious lung problems and allergy problems due to pigeon droppings.

Chemicals in pigeon droppings are lost in the air. When that air is inhaled, it affects the immune system of the body. This leads to inflammation in the lungs and symptoms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Later symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, fever and fatigue appear. People with asthma and respiratory problems should stay away from pigeons. Most people with similar symptoms are affected by pigeons. Pulmonologists say that the number of people suffering from hypersensitivity pneumonitis has increased fivefold in the last seven to eight years.


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