"It is seen that Children usually have only mild symptoms of COVID-19 which are quite difficult to differentiate from other viral illnesses and disease. The common symptoms are fever, runny nose, cough, generalized body pain, vomiting , loose stools, few kids also develop pain in abdomen. Most children do well, but those with underlying health problems, particularly those with heart, lung, liver, or kidney problems, are more likely to become sicker," says Dr. Sachin Kandhari, Senior Neurosurgeon and Managing Director, IBS Hospital, New Delhi.

The various common symptoms of COVID seen in kids are:

Fever: A high temperature on the body, especially chest and back.

Continuous cough, mostly dry: Episodes of continuous cough within few hours or in a day are signs of COVID.

Change in smell or taste: Many kids do not get the taste or smell of things after getting infected with COVID. This is difficult to find out as kids would not be knowing it themselves, but keep an eye for clues.

Loss of appetite: Sudden lack of interest in food is a sign of infection and fever.

Runny nose: If the runny nose condition persists for a longer duration than usual test your child for COVID.

Sore throat: Itchy or scratch throat is another sign of a possible COVID attack.

Diarrhoea: Disturbance in the gut health leading to frequent stool or diarrhea is another sign of COVID.

Shortness of breath: If your child is having difficulty in breathing you should take him or her to a doctor immediately

Body pain: Many kids can not complain about this, but if your child seems to be in pain then ask about body aches and take medical suggestion.

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