Did you know that we breathe in and out an average of 22,000 times daily? The lungs work hard every day to endure the flight of stairs, run after our dog when we forget its leash, catch the next scheduled train, and even chase someone who won’t stop and listen to what we have to say

Breathing also helps us laugh our heart out at someone else’s “corny” jokes, talk non-stop with a friend and cry over someone who doesn’t deserve our tears.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), our lungs are the heart of the respiratory system. The respiratory system comprises the trachea (windpipe), chest wall, diaphragm muscles, and other tissues. These parts work together to make the gas exchange and breathing possible. Your brain senses when your body needs to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, and it regulates your breathing rate.

Thus, we need to take good care of our precious lungs.

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