• A new app could help medical doctors with faster and more efficient resuscitation.
  • Could similar approaches work with other areas of medicine?
  • If so, how might this change the practice of medicine?

As medical technology continues to advance, doctors find themselves grappling with an ever-increasing amount of information to process before arriving at a diagnosis and treatment plan for their patients.

This is particularly pronounced in the fast-paced environment of an emergency room (ER), where split-second, life-or-death decisions are an everyday occurrence.

One such incident led Dr. Frédéric Lemaire, an ER physician, to develop a new app called EZResus that can help medical professionals navigate the complexities of resuscitation.

Dr. Lemaire explained to Interesting Engineering (IE) what motivated him to develop EZResus. "Nine years ago, during my evening shift at the hospital, a nurse's urgent cry for help echoed through the hallway: 'Code PINK a doctor NOW in resus[citation]!' Rushing to the scene I found a critically ill baby on a giant stretcher. It was my first true pediatric resuscitation, and the confusion was overwhelming. We were alone, and the baby's condition was dire."

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